Corona virus in the capital: so few tourists last came to Berlin in 2001


Since Monday, Berlin’s schools have reopened after a good two months of corona-related homeschooling. However, the requirement to be present remains suspended. First be in addition to the final years, only the children of the first three grades partly taught in school again.Berlin’s Senator for Education Sandra Scheeres (SPD) and the Berlin student representatives had welcomed the opening of the primary schools, opinions often differ among parents: “ The re are parents who think it’s good that it starts,” said the state parent committee chairman Norman Heise of the German press agency. “© The  others say I still can’t go to work – my boss thinks the schools are open and now expects me to be available full-time again.”

According to Heises, the polarization continues when assessing the risk of infection. Some criticized that too little had happened, while others complained that children had to wear masks in school. However, few parents left their children at home on Monday, said a spokesman for the education administration.

In principle, the students should taught in smaller study groups alternately at school and at home with the help of digital solutions become. One of the models: the students come to school every day, where they have at least three lessons a day. Half of the class would be there in the morning, for example, and the other half in the afternoon. ©

 The  schools can, however, also implement other solutions – about half of the classes that study completely in school or at home, alternating daily or weekly.


 The  education and science union (GEW) also has clear guidelines required. If the number of corona cases remained stable, a careful opening of the schools would be justified, said the Berlin GEW chairman Tom Erdmann on Monday. “However, we are all concerned about the increasing number of infections. What happens when we’re back to 100 at the end of the week? ”

For more security you could next Hygiene measures, ventilation, distance and mask requirement also corona rapid tests ensure: ©

 The  school staff should be able to have themselves tested twice a week – supported by trained colleagues. Later there will also be self-tests that students can also use. However, these are not yet approved in Germany – this is expected in March.


 The  use of corona rapid tests in schools is basically a good thing from the perspective of the Berlin parents’ representatives. Hot however, warned against too high expectations. “It’s a positive fact that the rapid tests are coming,” he said. However, it is not yet possible to estimate the proportion of teachers who actually wanted to use the rapid tests.


 The  training of the teachers is carried out, for example, by employees of the German Red Cross or the Maltese relief service. It is planned that the training teams will offer more than 2000 training courses in ten days. According to the education administration, the first training courses took place on Monday morning, and also the first rapid tests have already been used – He has not yet heard of positive test results, said a spokesman. (dpa)

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