Coronavirus: 7-day incidence continues to rise in the Recklinghausen district


 The  district health office in Recklinghausen reports a 7-day incidence of 77.5 (previous day: 69), the regional health center (LZG) even 79.6 (+7.3).

© The  7-day incidence in Dorsten was 77.6 on Sunday, which means it has risen again compared to the previous day (70.9). ©

 The  highest 7-day incidence has Oer-Erkenschwick (124.1). It is followed by Castrop-Rauxel (114.5) and Gladbeck (100.5). ©

 The  district reports the lowest value for Waltrop: 30.7, followed by Waltrop with 34.7.

109 Dorstener are currently infected

Currently 109 (previous day: 109) Dorstener are infected with the corona virus. Eight new infections were reported on Sunday. ©

 The re have been 43 deaths since the outbreak of the pandemic. A total of 2,022 people from Dorsten have been infected since the outbreak of the pandemic.

In the entire Recklinghausen district, 81 new infections were reported on Sunday. On Saturday there were 78. Since the pandemic began, 21,822 people in the district have been infected.

No more deaths

No further deaths were reported on Sunday.
Since the outbreak of the pandemic, a total of 650 people have been registered who have died from or with the coronavirus.

In the Recklinghausen district, 122 Covid-19 patients are currently being treated as inpatients in clinics. 19 of them are in intensive care units.

Such is the situation with the neighbors

According to the LZG, the incidence value for Bottrop on Sunday was 72.3 (+1.7), in the Borken district 64.1 (+12.4), in the Wesel district 49.4 (+5.9) and in Gelsenkirchen at 55.5 (+/- 0). ©

 The  7-day incidence in North Rhine-Westphalia is 61 (+3.1).

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Coronavirus #7day incidence continues rise Recklinghausen district


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