Coronavirus: According to the study, masks should alleviate the course of the Covid disease



Study: masks are said to alleviate the course of Covid 19 disease

Corona: How useful are double masks?

From now on, surgical masks and FFP2 masks are to be put on. Some people even wear a normal everyday mask over their surgical mask. But does that even make sense? © The  answer is in the video.

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© The  moisture created inside a mask is said to help develop less severe Covid-19 symptoms. What’s behind it.

Berlin. Anyone with the Coronavirus infected and is not yet aware of his illness, protects others from being infected if he has one Mouth and nose protection wearing. This is now well known. Researchers have now come to the conclusion that wearing the mask also helps the infected person themselves. She could give him one milder disease course grant. In view of the many intensive care patients and corona deaths worldwide, that would be extremely positive news.

© The  US scientists from the National Health Institute in Bethesda, Maryland recently published their study in „Biophysical Journal“. Masks therefore increase the moisture in the air that the infected person inhales. This leads to a stronger humidification of the airways.

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“We already know that a high level of humidity mitigates the severity of the flu, and it could also affect the severity of Covid-19 through a similar mechanism,” says Dr. Adriaan Bax from the National Health Institute. This promotes a defense mechanism that pushes mucus – and thus harmful particles – out of the lungs.

Coronavirus – © The  most important news at a glance

Masks and humidity: study looked at four types

In addition, high humidity strengthens the immune system. It is stimulated to form virus-fighting proteins (interferons).

Four mask types were tested in the study, an N95 mask (comparable to an FFP-2 mask), a three-layer surgical disposable mask, a two-layer cotton-polyester mask and a heavy cotton mask. Test subjects had to inhale into a box. ©

 The  humidity was then determined.

Without a mask, the water vapor of the breath filled the box. This led to a sharp rise in humidity. With the mask there was significantly less moisture in the box because a large part of the water vapor remaining in the mask condensed and was inhaled again.

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 The  heavy cotton mask produced the highest humidity in the study. After this investigation, however, it cannot be said whether this mask also prevents the transmission of viruses. (jb)

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Coronavirus study masks alleviate Covid disease


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