Coronavirus: Angela Merkel postpones Jens Spahn’s rapid test offensive


In addition to the vaccinations, corona rapid tests should be an important step back to normal. If Health Minister Jens Spahn (CDU) has his way, the antigen tests should be available to all citizens from March 1st. If you want, you should then have yourself tested by trained staff, for example in test centers, practices or pharmacies. His house already has a corresponding test regulation in the drawer.
But according to information from the »Süddeutsche Zeitung« and the »Bild« newspaper, the start of the quick test allocation will be postponed by a week. On Monday, the Corona cabinet decided that the new test strategy should now be discussed at the next Prime Minister’s conference on March 3. Accordingly, March 8th is now targeted as the start date.

Quick tests coupled with opening strategy

Spahn’s plan was to make the antigen tests available free of charge from March. This is based on a paper by Spahn that is available to SPIEGEL. According to the paper, local authorities should be able to commission test centers or pharmacies with rapid test offers, and the federal government should assume the costs.

Specifically, there are two quick test formats:

  •  The  antigen tests that will be free of charge in the future are versions that must be accompanied by medically trained staff. © The y are not considered to be as accurate as other PCR tests used. According to the Robert Koch Institute (RKI), a positive result of a rapid test must therefore be confirmed with a PCR test. She wants to make Spahn available on a large scale.

  • © The  new types of rapid tests for daycare centers and schools, on the other hand, are versions that private individuals can carry out themselves as spit or gargle tests. © The  tests are also known colloquially as living room tests, and in Austria they are to be made available free of charge from March. © The  hope behind it: © The  medical staff should be relieved, the step to open the lockdown should be prepared. © The y are not yet registered in Germany.

Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) is now planning to combine the rapid tests with a specific opening strategy. Too many questions are still open, it said from the Corona cabinet. Some federal states are also dissatisfied with the previous concept from the Ministry of Health. It is still unclear, among other things, how exactly the rapid tests should be organized and when and how many tests will be available to the countries. © The  rapid test strategy is now to be discussed at the federal-state meeting next week.
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Coronavirus Angela Merkel postpones Jens Spahns rapid test offensive


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