Coronavirus: Berlin Senate presents opening plan


While the incidence values ​​are barely falling in Germany, the Berlin Senate has already drawn up an opening strategy. According to the step-by-step plan, openings should take place gradually in four clusters as soon as the incidence value falls below 50 within a week.  The  paper represents a preliminary work status, not a decision. It is before the SPIEGEL. First of all, the Berlin »Tagesspiegel« reported on it.
© The  step-by-step plan provides for openings according to four clusters:

  • Cluster 0: An incidence value below 50 within seven days

  • Cluster 1: An incidence value below 35 within seven days

  • Cluster 2: the incidence value remains stable or decreases for 14 days

  • Cluster 3: © The  incidence value remains stable for another 14 days or decreases

© The  clusters are all connected with “dynamic factors”. This means, for example, the capacities of the intensive care beds, the R-value, a change in the incidence and, in the future, the vaccination rate. © The  openings should be made slowly to avoid a yo-yo effect. © The  wearing of masks and the observance of distance rules should be observed at all times, and quick and self-tests should also be used.

Im Cluster 0 there are hardly any openings: only outdoor sports should be possible for groups of up to ten people.

From the Cluster 1 it is possible to play tennis in the hall. © The n libraries and museums are also allowed to open. In addition, openings in retail are planned: initially with access restrictions that can be removed if the incidence value falls. © The  gastronomy is then allowed to open outdoor areas but only for a maximum of five people from two households, and snacks can be consumed on site. Contact restrictions are also relaxed in this cluster to a maximum of five people from two households. Events can take place outdoors with a maximum of 250 people.

14 days later with a stable incidence in Cluster 2 are also allowed to open theaters, concert halls and cinemas. © The n tourist overnight stays and indoor events with a maximum of 150 guests should also be possible. In addition, ten people from three households are allowed to meet. © The  pubs can then also gradually open – for a maximum of four people from two households. Six people from three households are allowed to dine in restaurants.

Im Cluster 3 ten people are allowed to meet with no limit on households. © The n clubs with a person restriction should also be allowed to open. Events with a maximum of 750 people may take place outdoors, and with a maximum of 250 people indoors. Saunas should then also be allowed to open.

According to the RKI, the number of new infections reported within seven days per 100,000 inhabitants (seven-day incidence) was 60.5 nationwide on Tuesday morning – and thus slightly lower than the previous day (61.0).

© The  federal government is skeptical about an opening plan. From this Tuesday on, a working group with Chancellor Helge Braun (CDU) and the heads of the state chancelleries of the federal states will meet on the subject of openings. © The  group is to prepare the meeting of Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) with the heads of the federal states. © The y want to discuss an opening plan and how to proceed in the pandemic on March 3.
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Coronavirus Berlin Senate presents opening plan


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