Coronavirus in Berlin: R value at 1.2 – slightly increasing incidence reported – Berlin


A lot of sun on Sunday in Berlin – police announce controls

Because of the beautiful weather with lots of sun and pleasant temperatures, the Berlin police are closed on Sunday increased controls of the corona rules disengaged.  The  main focus controls are inner-city parksas a police spokesman said. © The  officials should point out that the minimum distances are being observed and avoid larger groups.

According to the police spokesman, there was until noon no particular abnormalities. ©

 The re are mainly families on the go, alcohol is hardly drunk. ©

 The  minimum distances are also largely observed. Raves or other illegal events in parks are known to him neither from Saturday nor from the night. However, the police have one on Sunday night illegal party with 33 people in an industrial building in Neukölln dissolved.

A Tagesspiegel colleague reports from the Mauerpark in Prenzlauer Berg that the officials: inside there people on the Alcohol ban in parks pointed out, which continues to apply according to the current infection protection regulation. Alcoholic beverages have been allowed outside of parks since February 14th.

In particular, the officers checked: inside, according to the police spokesman Mauerpark, on the Tempelhofer Feld, im Gorlitz Park, of the Hasenheide and the Park am Gleisdreieck. ©

 The  highest number of visitors has so far been in the Gardens of the World in Marzahn (1,800 people) and in Volkspark Friedrichshain (2,000 people).

Numerous people had already used the weather change on Saturday and spent a day in the sun. On Sunday was even in Berlin up to 16 degrees been reckoned to lots of sun and very mild air. Only a few thin veil clouds should cover the blue sky.

According to the currently applicable Corona rules, citizens in Berlin are encouraged to use the social contacts to other people who do not belong to your own household To reduce the “absolutely necessary minimum” and your own apartment only “Good reasons” to leave. ©

 The se include, for example, individual quiet contemplation in churches, mosques or synagogues and exercise and outdoor sports. (with dpa)

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Coronavirus Berlin slightly increasing incidence reported Berlin


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