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Last Wednesday, the index was still at a preliminary low of 27.6. (Symbol photo) Photo: dpa / Jens Büttner

 The  seven-day incidence in Esslingen has risen to a value of 76.5. Lord Mayor Jürgen Zieger therefore warns against carelessness.

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 The  breather – and the hope – were short-lived. ©

 The  corona infection rate in the city of Esslingen has tripled within a few days. On Monday, February 22nd, the health department reported an incidence number of 76.5. Last Wednesday, the indicator that shows how many infections were registered within a week and extrapolated to 100,000 people was still at a preliminary low of 27.6.

On Monday alone, the responsible health department of the district reported 45 additional Covid-19 cases in the Esslingen city area, according to a message from the town hall. Against the background of these numbers and the fear that significantly more contagious corona mutations could spread, the Mayor of Esslingen, Jürgen Zieger, warns the Esslingen citizens not to be carefree and not to endanger the joint successes they have achieved.

Especially at the weekend, many people from Esslingen obviously didn’t stick to the rules. “During controls in green areas, on playgrounds and football fields as well as in school yards, the security service had to detect numerous violations of the applicable Corona requirements on Saturday and Sunday,” complains Zieger. Whole groups of visitors or cyclists standing close together should have been warned. Numerous violations of the mouth and nose protection requirements and the distance requirements were punished throughout the city. “With all understanding for the urge of citizens to stay outdoors in the spring weather: We must continue to ensure that people are healthy and that our entire health system from the clinics to the care facilities is not pushed to the limit again,” warns the Lord Mayor. ©

 The  city administration will therefore continue the controls intensively in coordination with the police.

With its increasing number of infections, the city of Esslingen is not a special case. Nationwide, the 7-day incidence rose to 61.0 on Monday. At the same time, normal operations in the daycare centers and face-to-face teaching in elementary schools and in the final classes started again in Baden-Württemberg. “It is all the more important that each and every one of us can be measured by how he or she personally fulfills the restrictions imposed,” said the urgent appeal of the Esslingen-based head of administration.

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