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It starts again on Monday: questions and answers about starting school

On Monday, Berlin takes the first step towards the school opening. After a two-month break due to the corona pandemic, the younger elementary school students are initially coming back, while the lockdown for many shops, restaurants, cultural and leisure facilities will last until March 7th. It is not without risks – also because suspected more contagious virus mutations have alarmed politics and science. Questions and answers about starting school:

Do all schools open again at once?

No.  The  Students in grades 1 to 3 make the start. According to the education administration, alternating lessons in half the class size are planned for them. Students from Graduating classeswho are in a special situation because of the exam preparations. Up to now you can either be taught at home with school guidance or in an alternating model with half the class size. This regulation continues to apply. This is decided by the school management in consultation with the parent representatives. Important: © The  presence requirement is still suspended. Parents who do not want to send their children to school because of Corona do not have to either.

Why do the youngest students come first?

Because it is especially difficult for them to study on the computer at home. Many skills are not yet developed in them, they need them in a special way direct contact in the classroom with a teacher as a reference person.

How should this be organized?


 The  students in grades 1 to 3 should be in divided study groups alternately in the school and with the help of digital solutions at home be taught. This should either take place for at least three lessons a day – one half of the class would come to school in the morning, for example, the other half in the afternoon.


 The  school administrators can, in coordination with the school conference, also other solutions implement: ©

 The  learning groups could learn completely in school or at home, alternating daily or weekly. Some schools already have experience with such models because they organized their lessons in this way before the lockdown in districts with a particularly high number of corona infections.

Is it already clear how the opening of the schools will continue?

No, it is not yet certain when students from other grades will be allowed back to school. It is obvious that the primary school students will be the next Grades 4 to 6 are on. “We start with the little ones, I think that two weeks later you can see whether this has an effect on the number of infections, which I hope not,” said Astrid-Sabine Busse, chairwoman of the Berlin School Management Association (IBS). ©

 The n you have to think about the older students. “And you have to see what the mutation does. It’s a different situation now than a few weeks ago. ”

Are the schools prepared for the gradual opening?

Even if they open gradually, digital teaching remains important. Admittedly they are now good in Berlin 50.000 Tablets been distributed to schoolchildren. But many schools have no broadband internet and can, for example, take lessons not via video conference to offer. In addition, not all students have sufficient technical capabilities at home.

What about health protection for teachers and students?


 The  Education and Science Union (GEW) and the Association of Education and Upbringing (VBE) think the school opening is premature. From their point of view, the infection process does not yet allow such a step. Head of government Michael Mueller and Senator of Education Sandra Scheeres (both SPD) consider the move to be responsible.


 The  Personal schools should start on Monday get tested twice a week can. ©

 The  rapid tests should be carried out by colleagues who have been trained for them. Later it should also Self-tests give that too Pupils can apply. Such self-tests are not yet approved in Germany, which is expected in March.

Do you have to wear a mask in schools?

And, Nothing changed about that. It applies to all classes, also in class. ©

 The  country has provided or is providing hundreds of thousands of FFP2 masks for teachers.

Will teachers be vaccinated when schools reopen?

No. Teachers are not currently vaccinated as a priority – It is not yet their turn in the order of the groups to be vaccinated by the federal government. Health Senator Dilek Kalayci (SPD) suggested having mobile vaccination teams vaccinate them directly in schools. ©

 The  federal government must change the vaccination ordinance and provide enough vaccine, she demanded.

Do schools need air filter devices?

This is controversial. ©

 The  districts have around from autumn 1200 mobile air purification devices orderedwhich, however, have not all reached schools yet. Until Easter should according to Scheeres another 2800 devices will be purchased, an additional 3500 by the summer. A total of 15 million euros are planned for this. That is not enough for the CDU: more needs to be done to equip all classrooms in around 800 schools with it.

Astrid-Sabine Busse, herself director of a primary school in Neukölln, thinks this is superfluous: “We have an egg timer in every class I set it – 20 minutes, and then we open the windows for 5 minutes, “said Busse. That goes also in winter. “At home I also ventilate, and now it is getting warmer again.” ©

 The re are rooms that are difficult to ventilate by opening windows, for which it is advisable to buy such devices. “But even if we had the money for ventilation devices for all of the classrooms, it wouldn’t be possible to deliver in a short time.”

How do Berlin parents see the gradual opening up?

“We still have polarized parenting”said the chairman of the state parents committee, Norman Heise. “©

 The re are parents who want to send their children back to school as quickly as possible, and not just the first, second or third grade. But we also have parents who reject it. “(Andreas Heimann and Stefan Kruse, dpa)

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