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 The  Free State wants to help the border districts in Eastern Bavaria particularly affected by the pandemic with additional measures. “If we didn’t have the hotspots, we would be in a much better position,” said Prime Minister Markus Söder on Monday at a meeting of the CSU board. A repeal of the rules is “out of the question”, rather “extra help” is needed. In any case, the sometimes very different values ​​are an obstacle for political action and for the “right balance between security and relief,” said Söder.

If the seven-day incidence is consistently below 35 new infections per 100,000 inhabitants, easing the contact restrictions to two households or five people are conceivable. One can “open more where it can”, open less where things are worse. You also have to go back “where things are very bad”. According to the State Office for Health (LGL), the seven-day incidence on Monday was 353 in the Tirschenreuth district, 309 in Wunsiedel, 201 in Hof and 177 in Neustadt an der Waldnaab – just under 60 across Bavaria.

© The  situation is now supposed to improve through several proposals: Each hotspot district should receive 1000 additional doses of the vaccine from Astra Zeneca, which should then be used according to the usual priority. In addition, Söder promised “almost complete sequencing” in the region, that is, the examination of infections for the British mutant. Incidentally, their share across Bavaria is now 28 percent, at the beginning of the year it was five percent, said Söder. ©

 The y also want to further develop the commuter quarantine system, ideally in conjunction with the neighboring federal states.

In the districts affected, the suggestions make you feel that you are being recognized

He had already had a conversation with Saxony’s Prime Minister Michael Kretschmer (CDU), said Söder, and Thuringia would offer to participate. Last but not least, the hotspots at the border could be given separate conditions in future concepts for the capacities of tests and rapid tests. ©

 The  CSU boss called for a nationwide offensive with millions of corona rapid tests per day in Germany. At first there were no details, including on the implementation of the idea in Eastern Bavaria. ©

 The  cabinet will consult on Tuesday.

In the districts affected, Söder’s proposals are seen as a “first good step”, as Wunsiedel’s District Administrator Peter Berek (CSU) reports on request. “We feel noticed by it.” However, there is great hope that this accommodation is just the beginning.

In a letter to Chancellor Angela Merkel and Söder, the district administrators of the eight districts bordering the Czech Republic called for school and day-care centers to be opened on Sunday, as well as “incidence-independent” easing for retail and catering. Several district administrators said last week that the region should not be excluded when the country was opened. A prolonged lockdown, they fear, would sideline the region economically and socially. ©

 The  border closings would also help.


 The  proposals are “a positive signal”

That is why the local politicians are urging to allow all Czech commuters to travel to work again soon – with a negative Corona test. In their letter, the district administrators from Hof ​​to Freyung-Grafenau expressed the demands collectively. One would like a perspective “for all regions of Bavaria”, with an emphasis on the word “all”. ©

 The  opening should therefore be possible with an expansion of rapid tests, vaccinations and strict hygiene concepts.

Hofs District Administrator Oliver Bär (CSU) does not want to see Markus Söder rejecting the hope of loosening up in hotspots on Monday. He was “grateful” that the focus is now on the border region. ©

 The  proposals are “a positive signal” with which one can be satisfied. ©

 The  fact that 1000 Astra Zeneca vaccine doses left over elsewhere are also received is “good and important”.

Bär vehemently contradicts the impression that the East Bavarian hotspots are being used as a rest ramp for the unloved material. “It’s an effective vaccine!” And the CSU district administrator does not see the fact that Söder has neither promised an opening in education nor in business for hotspots, as demanded in the letter on Sunday. “We can be satisfied with this step,” says Bär, referring to “further discussions”. His colleague Peter Berek (CSU) hopes, however, that strategies will be dare to “improve the situation here and there”.


 The  Association of the Bavarian Economy (VBW) stood on the side of the district administrators on Monday. In particular, the VBW sees the proposal to let Czech commuters work again in Eastern Bavaria regardless of systemic relevance and with a negative test as the “right path”.

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