Coronavirus: Radprax senior center and Matthias-Claudius-Haus Plettenberg are groping for vaccinations to normalize


 The  mobile bowling alley in the multi-purpose room of the Radprax senior center gives residents great pleasure.

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 The  corona vaccinations are partially completed. Both the residents of the Radprax senior center in Plettenberg and those of the Matthias Claudius House have full vaccination protection. Is it now going back to normal everyday life?

Plettenberg – When Anna Heinemann got the ball rolling this Wednesday at 3:12 p.m., it was like the starting shot for a new era. ©

 The  residents of the Radprax senior center on the Bracht – like residents of old people’s homes everywhere – had to wait a long time for something to return to normal in times of the corona pandemic. Now they are sitting here without a mask, but at a distance from one another in the multi-purpose room, a group of seven senior citizens, in the middle the mobile bowling alley. All eyes are on Anna Heinemann’s ball. Hit, the throw sits. ©

 The  roommates cheer.

It is the first time in long, tough months that such a group action is possible again in the multipurpose room. Two weeks ago, the residents received the crucial second corona vaccination and now that the house is finally free of corona, everyday life is supposed to return bit by bit.

Sabine Gibson, the head of the social service, accompanies the seniors to bowling this Wednesday. “That works great, for the fact that everyone is out of practice”, she calls after resident Ilse Annemann, the second in the row, has also accurately sunk her throws on the mobile bowling alley.


 The  joy of playing, of society, of this togetherness can be seen in the seniors. Little was possible recently, with mobile gaming tables, photo beamers and video telephony, the nurses have tried to make everyday life in the seniors’ rooms as varied as possible. When making contact, there was always the risk that someone could become infected with the corona virus. Those responsible around the acting head Detlef Badekow still have this fear – despite the complete vaccination protection of the residents. ©

 The refore, only small steps towards normality are initially planned in the Radprax senior center. First, the management allowed smaller group activities in the living areas again, and since this Wednesday offers for the individual living areas in the multi-purpose room have been possible again.

Badkow says they want to see how things are going for two weeks. If the Radprax senior center is still corona-free, they want to start mixing the living areas with each other and offering campaigns for all residents. If it works? “Wait, but hope is there,” says Badekow.


 The  first round of cones is done in the multi-purpose room. Ilse Heinemann won her, the roommates applaud her. Round two is on the plan, supervisor Sabine Gibson distributes colored balls in addition to the wooden ones. “©

 The y look like Easter eggs,” says Anna Heinemann, who has the first litter again. “Oh, can we celebrate Easter normally again this year?” She asks. “Let’s hope so,” says Sabine Gibson. From outside the sun shines through the window; a light on the horizon that the residents can clearly see at this moment.

After corona vaccination: ©

 The  situation in the Matthias-Claudius-Haus Plettenberg

While the residents of the St. Josef geriatric center in Eiringhausen are still waiting for the second date for the corona vaccinations, the residents of the Matthias Claudius House as well as those of the Radprax senior center already have full vaccination protection. But caution is still the order of the day in the Claudius House.

“Even if all residents are now vaccinated, this is not a free ticket,” says facility manager Melanie Aderhold, “we still know too little about that.” Nobody can say whether the vaccinations protect one hundred percent even in the face of the mutations Claudius House is slowly coming back.

In the case of smaller activities in the living areas, the residents continue to wear FFP-2 masks and keep the safety distances, for example when baking waffles this week. ©

 The  acceptance of this procedure among the residents is high, emphasizes Melanie Aderhold, who also has to consider that in the future there will also be new residents who may not have been vaccinated. ©

 The refore: do not take any risks. “We haven’t had any infected people so far and it should stay that way,” says the director.

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Coronavirus Radprax senior center MatthiasClaudiusHaus Plettenberg groping vaccinations normalize


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