Coronavirus: Workers’ Association warns: Opening it too quickly would be fatal



Workers’ association warns: opening too quickly would be fatal

Travail Suisse warns the Federal Council against opening up the economy too quickly because of a possible yo-yo effect. Rather, the association calls for “reasonable prospects for the lockdown exit”.

Travail Suisse warns against loosening the corona measures too quickly.


(help) After various actors have called for the Federal Council to relax the corona measures in the past few days, Travail Suisse has now also spoken out. ©

 The  independent umbrella organization for employees would like the situation to normalize as soon as possible. Opening it too quickly, however, is fatal, as the threat from the coronavirus is still real and the number of infections is too high. ©

 The  association announced on Tuesday.

Travail Suisse therefore makes three demands on the Federal Council: First, it should be careful when opening the door. Too fast loosening could lead to a faster spread of the virus, which would also be a great challenge for health workers. And even stricter measures would endanger even more jobs. “This yo-yo effect must be prevented.”

Don’t relax the home office obligation

Second, Travail Suisse expects the Federal Council to provide a clear perspective on how to proceed after March 1st. “Adjustments of the measures in the sense of a gradual opening are only possible for Travail Suisse in areas in which the risk of infection can be kept low and the protection concepts offer good protection,” Travail Suisse President Adrian Wüthrich is quoted as saying. In addition, the protective measures or the home office obligation should by no means be relaxed.

Thirdly, according to the workers’ association, the fight against the pandemic must be accelerated at all levels. Among other things, the financial support should be paid out more quickly. In addition, Travail Suisse demands that the regulation, thanks to which low-income earners receive 100 percent short-time working allowance, be continued and increased to incomes of up to CHF 4,000.

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Coronavirus Workers Association warns Opening quickly fatal


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