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 The  district capital Voitsberg looked almost deserted late on Sunday afternoon: © The re were hardly any people to be seen on the streets, some wore masks outside. ©

 The re are currently only two CoV cases in the city, there are 30 in the entire district – in relation to the number of inhabitants, more than in any other Styrian district.

Just a few months ago the incidence was highest in Styria. Why has this improved so much, we ask passers-by: “Because many were very badly affected, many have only really noticed that it is really bad that many of their friends were also affected. As a result, you tended to adhere to the regulations because you were more at home, ”says Melanie Peer. Bernd Fauland describes: “As a normal citizen, you don’t even notice that Voitsberg is experiencing such ups and downs – if it doesn’t affect you yourself.”

Currently no more clusters


 The  Voitsberg medical officer also sees the personal concern of many as a reason for the positive development in the district. Most of them are now sticking to the rules, there are currently no clusters like in the past: “©

 The  nursing homes are practically infection-free, and schools are absolutely quiet. We currently have exactly one positive case in a school, a school child, ”said the medical officer Rosemarie Gössler.



Many districts of Voitsberg looked deserted on Sunday afternoon

Mayor Bernd Osprian emphasizes: “©

 The re is confidence: You can see, if you support the measures, that there will be a success for it and I am really happy that the numbers in our region, in our district, are so low.” However, Voitsberg is also aware that the relatively positive situation in the district is anything but secure in the long term, as a single new CoV cluster would change everything again.

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