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One is happy that the pharmacies can now make a contribution to the health of the population through the antigen tests. On the other hand, it is also extremely stressful, says the President of the Styrian Chamber of Pharmacists, Gerhard Kobinger: “A lot of companies – I would estimate a third – have taken on additional staff, for example paramedics or graduates of natural sciences, or even existing staff on duty increased so that more hours are worked. ”

You can currently get tested in three quarters of Styrian pharmacies. Especially sparsely populated or hard-to-reach areas without test roads would now have access to tests through pharmacies. However, some pharmacies have already reported that they can no longer manage the extra work, says Kobinger: “We always make sure that we find good solutions, for example channeling the test times, so that testing is not done all day or not every day that it can still be made tradable for the companies. “

Free “living room tests” as additional work

Next week, the next additional work is waiting for the pharmacies – the distribution of the so-called living room tests. Every citizen is entitled to five free of charge per month – for more information, see Free self-tests in pharmacies from March (

That is why the tests have to be repackaged from bulk packs by the pharmacies in units of 5, explains Kobinger: “ The  test card, the analysis tube, the swab, the instructions for use have to be copied, then they have to be handed in and explained and we have to enter them into the database e-medication means that you cannot collect an unlimited number of tests. “

Pharmacies would like more lead time


 The  provision of free vaccines for resident doctors also means a lot of additional work for the pharmacies, says Kobinger. Politicians would like more lead time. Too little consideration is given to the fact that, from announcements at press conferences to the application – for example of free tests – a great deal of logistics is necessary, which can often hardly be implemented in a short time, criticizes Kobinger.

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