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283 new infections with the corona virus have been reported since Sunday. At the same time, 290 people have recovered.  The re are currently 4,380 actively infected people in Lower Austria. © The  7-day incidence is now 159.7. In the hospitals, however, the numbers remain stable. 57 people are currently being treated in intensive care units, 250 in normal wards.

Shops, hairdressers and schools have reopened for two weeks. And while some are calling for further easing, experts are already warning of the coronavirus infection numbers rising too quickly.

In Lower Austria, clusters in kindergartens – for example in Loosdorf (Melk district) – and schools have recently become known. On Monday, for example, a primary school in Wiener Neustadt switched to distance learning in four classes due to nine coronavirus cases.

Health Councilor Ulrike Königsberger-Ludwig (SPÖ): “Up to now, children under ten have not been tested in schools, and tests have only been carried out at home in exceptional cases. Now children are also being tested. We know that positive cases are always noted in the so-called nose drill tests, and that is why there are now more clusters in schools. “

Königsberger-Ludwig: “Must see the overall context”


 The  health councilor attributes the significantly higher numbers of infections on the one hand to the high number of tests; with around 25,000 tests per day, many asymptomatic infected people would also be discovered. On the other hand, according to AGES, around half of the new infections are due to the more contagious British virus mutation.

“Of course, there is a high incidence of concern, that is very clear. But I am of the opinion that one should not or should only look at the incidence, but that one should see it in the overall context. Of course it is important that the incidence goes down, there is no question about that, and that is why you have to look very carefully at which opening steps are possible, “says Ulrike Königsberger-Ludwig.


 The  hospitals are at a high level, the increasing numbers are not yet having any effect. “We assume that we will see in the next seven to ten days whether we actually have an increase in hospitalized people here,” says Bernhard Jany, spokesman for the State Health Agency, only then will it be seen how many of those who are newly infected today have a severe course.

In the nursing homes “at a good level”

In the nursing homes, on the other hand, apart from a few clusters due to the British mutation, the level is good. On the one hand the safety measures take effect, on the other hand the vaccinations. Jany: “We see this, for example, in people who have received the first vaccination, who either develop no symptoms at all or have a very mild course of the disease.” 38 percent of new infections are due to it.

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