Covid-19: When nothing tastes good anymore


One of our most important senses – smell. Without smell there is no taste, without taste there is no pleasure. Many former Covid-19 patients share this fate, some of whom have still not regained their sense of smell and taste after months. Food becomes bland mush, with only a little bit of sweetness and salt left. A worrying development that is being scientifically investigated in Nice.

Evan, eighteen year old sports student, is tested.

We started with jasmine, then roses. You reacted reacted to the tonsils. The almonds had a smell that meant something to you. They smelled and identified them immediately.

Alexandra Plonka

University of Nice Sofia Antipolis

The scientists in Nice work closely with perfumers in the nearby town of Grasse, famous for its perfume making.

Even before the pandemic, the scientists had used fragrances to diagnose Alzheimer’s disease. Soothing fragrances are also used in the treatment of post-traumatic stress.

Sometimes I say to myself: ‘Today is the day I will eat what I feel like eating’. But I still can’t taste anything, it’s disappointing. And complicated. You catch a cold and lose your sense of taste because your nose is blocked – okay. But it’s been three months and it’s been a long time.

Gabriella Forgione

Anosmia patient

For most patients, the problems are temporary and often improve on their own within a few weeks. A small minority, however, complain of persistent disorders long after the other COVID-19 symptoms have disappeared. In rare cases, complete or partial loss of odor persists for up to six months after infection.

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Covid19 tastes good anymore


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