Covid exit restrictions: Waiting for the judgment of the LVwG in Wenns


Gegen die BH Imst wurde von einem abgeführten Zuhörer Maßnahmenbeschwerde vor dem Landesverwaltungsgericht erhoben.

© Paschinger

Wenns, Imst – In some Tyrolean parish rooms there is still uncertainty as to how to proceed with audience members at municipal council meetings after 8 p.m. during the Covid exit restrictions. ©

 The  state parliament has meanwhile directed a motion for a resolution to Vienna in order to obtain clear guidelines. However, there is still no answer, as Christine Salcher from the municipal department of the office of the Tyrolean provincial government asked TT explained. And so the recommendation of the municipal department still applies that interested citizens are only allowed to stay in the meeting room after 8 p.m. for items such as budget or financial statements. In general, however, municipal council meetings should be scheduled so that they are finished by 8 p.m.


 The re is particular interest in this question in an incident in Wenns: ©

 The re the last two meetings (contrary to previous practice) have been postponed to 8 p.m. by BM Walter Schöpf. A citizen did not want to be expelled from the room, BM Schöpf called the police. After consultation with the journal service of the BH Imst “I was taken away”, so the person concerned, Werner Dobler. In the meantime he has filed a complaint against BH Imst, which will soon be heard at the regional administrative court. Dobler is convinced that he was wronged by the authorities.

Deputy District Captain Andreas Nagele makes the handling of the criminal complaint against Dobler dependent on the outcome of this complaint. (pascal)

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Covid exit restrictions Waiting judgment LVwG Wenns


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