Covid infected people eagerly went for a walk despite quarantine: conditional detention in the Salzburg process


        At the start of a week of negotiations with four Covid criminal trials at the Salzburg Regional Court, a 66-year-old Azerbaijan had to sit in front of Judge Martina Pfarrkirchner on Tuesday.  Prosecutor Elena Haslinger accused him of repeatedly ignoring the quarantine ordered in December 2020 as someone who had tested positive for the coronavirus.        </p><div>
        <p>Accordingly, the defendant left his room in a Salzburg asylum area several times and sometimes took long walks.  As a result, according to the public prosecutor, he had fulfilled the offense of "deliberately endangering people from communicable diseases", specifically SARS-CoV-2.</p>            

 The  man from the Middle Eastern state did not appear to be guilty. Through the court interpreter, he repeatedly and verbatim asserted that at the time he was “not informed” about “what quarantine means. I was not told that I was not allowed out. Only that I should put on a mask. I thought it was called quarantine.” Wear mask “.

However, the head of the asylum facility as well as a supervisor emphasized that on December 5th, after the first corona case in the neighborhood, all other residents were emphatically told “that they must all stay in their rooms”. “We also explained to the Russian-speaking defendant with the help of a translator that he was not allowed to leave his room. ©

 The re was also a Russian translation of the decision,” said the quartermaster on the witness stand. Postscript: “And he also understood what we told him”. ©

 The  fact is: On December 6th, the separation notice for the 66-year-old was received – initially as “contact person 1”; on December 7th, he and the other residents of his residential unit were also tested positive.

As the asylum officer stated as a witness, “I saw the accused outside the quarters on December 7th and 9th. I said he had to go into the room immediately. He said that he was fit anyway and didn’t have a corona.” As if that weren’t enough, the 66-year-old also went for a walk on December 10, according to the district manager – apparently seven kilometers away. – Judge Pfarrkirchner imposed six months of conditional imprisonment. ©

 The  judgment is not final; Since the accused appeared at the trial without legal representation, he has three days to think about it before he can appeal.


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Covid infected people eagerly walk quarantine conditional detention Salzburg process


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