Crimine di Germania: The secret Mafia commission in Germany


Germany means for ‘Ndrangheta

This, in turn, is explosive information, because such a crimine can only be founded with the blessing of the highest supervisory body, the Crimine di Polsi. Which in turn means that it is obviously very important to the bosses in Calabria that there is peace and equilibrium among the ‘Ndrangheta clans in Germany.  The re is probably an important reason for this: Germany is too important for the criminal multi-billion dollar business of ‘Ndrangheta to be able to engage in feuds and bloody arguments.

© The  Capo Crimine, who heads the committee in Germany, is apparently primarily responsible for peace and balance. German and Italian investigators assume that he will be elected by the most important members of the ‘Ndrangheta in Germany. © The  members of the commission, most of whom are known from Italian and German preliminary investigations, come from all parts of Germany. ©

 The y come from places all over Calabria and thus represent the various clans of the ‘Ndrangheta active in Germany.

Erfurter Gruppe “sits at the table of the committee

A representative of the so-called “Erfurt Group”, a ‘Ndrangheta cell that operates in Thuringia and Saxony, is said to sit at the table of the body that supposedly meets once a year. His name is known to the MDR / FAZ research team. About 70 people are said to belong to the “Erfurt Group” and its environment. This would fulfill an important structural standard in the organization, because it can be viewed as a locale. According to the ‘Ndrangheta rules, such a locale must have at least 50 people. © The y are important bases of operation for the criminal business of the ‘Ndrangheta in Italy and around the world.

© The  Thuringian State Criminal Police Office confirms the existence of this Erfurt locale to the MDR and FAZ. According to internal documents, another locale should exist in Dresden. ©

 The  LKA Saxony did not want to comment on this. ©

 The re should be between 18 and 20 such locales across Germany, writes the federal government in 2019 in response to a request from the Green Bundestag member Irene Mihalic. According to MDR / FAZ research, they should be in Bavaria, Baden-Württemberg, Hesse, North Rhine-Westphalia, Saarland and Rhineland-Palatinate. According to a key witness, there should also be a locale in Bremen. Most of the state criminal investigation offices asked did not want to comment on this information. Only the LKA Hessen confirms the existence of Locali in the state. ©

 The  LKA in Bavaria, in turn, declares that there is no such thing in the Free State.

© The se locali represent the clans from San Luca and others, such as the Farao-Marincola-Clan, the Pesce-Bellocco-Clan, the Grande-Aracri-Clan, the Morabito-Palamara-Bruzzaniti-Clan and the Anello-Clan in Germany. ©

 The  Federal Criminal Police Office is now assuming a total of 1,000 members internally. But the number of unreported cases is likely to be much higher.

Ndrangheta is also building structures abroad

© The  ‘Ndrangheta is a mafia based primarily on family relationships. Its smallest unit is the ‘Ndrina. That basically means a clan, often congruent with a blood family. Each ‘Ndrina is independent in its decisions. Several ‘Ndrines form one of the locale already described. So this is a larger ‘Ndrangheta cell, which is often located in a certain place. For example, one speaks of the Locale from San Luca. ©

 The re are such locali in Calabria, but also in northern Italy or abroad.

© The  model of ‘Ndrine and Locali can thus be transferred to Germany, as confirmed by the Thuringian LKA for Erfurt. Because a specialty of the ‘Ndrangheta is that it builds up the structures from home in important areas abroad. All of this only happens with the blessing of the highest authority: the Crimine di Polsi. No new locale can be founded without this committee’s approval. ©

 The  main aim is to balance the power of certain clans and families in order to prevent bloody murders like the one in Duisburg. Because that draws the authorities ‘attention to the activities of the international criminal empire of the’ Ndrangheta. Above all, it disturbs their business, in which Germany has played a special role for years, as the existence of the Crimine di Germania as the highest body impressively shows.

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Crimine Germania secret Mafia commission Germany


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