Crypto Market Report: This is how Bitcoin, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash and Ethereum prices move on Tuesday | message



 The  Bitcoin price rose to $ 49,048.34 today, compared to $ 47,933.30 the day before.


 The  Bitcoin Cash price is trading at $ 709.52. ©

 The  day before, Bitcoin Cash was still at $ 710.29.


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 The  price of Ethereum rose to $ 1,787.55. ©

 The  day before, this was $ 1,779.35.


 The  Litecoin is trading at $ 213.58. ©

 The  day before the rate was put at $ 207.23.


 The  price of the digital currency Ripple was shown little moved on Tuesday at 0.5478 US dollars. ©

 The  day before, it was already at $ 0.5492.

Cardano’s price rose to $ 0.8872 after trading at $ 0.8574 the previous day.


 The  course of the digital currency Monero is quoted today at 225.65 US dollars in the red. ©

 The  previous day the price was $ 225.84.


 The  IOTA course is presented with a green sign compared to the previous day. Most recently, the IOTA stood at $ 1.263.


 The  Verge rate, meanwhile, continues to hover around the $ 0.0230 mark compared to the previous day.


 The  stellar is trading at $ 0.4975. ©

 The  day before the rate was put at $ 0.4914.

Today the NEM exchange rate hovered around the $ 0.3826 mark. This moved the NEM price at about the same level as the day before when the NEM cost 0.3813 US dollars.


 The  Dash price declined to $ 264.81 after it had presented at $ 269.32 the previous day.


 The  NEO took off. At noon, the NEO price rose to $ 42.89 after trading at $ 42.38 the day before. editorial team

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Crypto Market Report Bitcoin Litecoin Bitcoin Cash Ethereum prices move Tuesday message


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