Cryptocurrencies soaring: Bitcoin targets 50,000 US dollars | 02/09/21


 The  soaring in the market for cryptocurrencies continues.

Bitcoin, the oldest and best-known digital currency, is targeting the round mark of 50,000 US dollars. Ether, the second largest Internet currency after Bitcoin, is rising towards $ 2,000. New records are falling every day. © The  total market volume of all around 8400 cryptocurrencies is now around 1.4 trillion dollars. That is also a historic high.

Bitcoin cost up to 48,216 dollars on the Bitstamp trading platform on Tuesday, more than ever before. Most recently, the rate fell back to $ 47,000. Most recently, the course was boosted by the manufacturer of electric cars, Tesla. According to the company, it has invested billions in Bitcoin and intends to accept the digital currency as a means of payment in the future. This raises the hope that other companies could follow suit, which would increase the acceptance of Bitcoin.

Ether, the second largest crypto currency after Bitcoin, is also on the rise. ©

 The  round mark of $ 1,800 was exceeded for the first time on Tuesday. Ether has recently benefited noticeably from the onslaught of digital currencies. Number two on the crypto market is particularly popular in the financial scene, as one focus is on the decentralization of financial services.


 The  crypto boom is fueled not least by the glut of money from central banks and important industrialized countries. During the Corona crisis, the central banks made their monetary policy, which was already loose, much more generous. ©

 The  states support consumers and companies with high spending, which increases the national debt burden sharply. This development could result in increased inflation that would devalue traditional currencies. Some investors are therefore increasingly asking for alternative investments such as digital currencies.

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Cryptocurrencies soaring Bitcoin targets dollars


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