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Mirrorless system cameras with full-frame sensors have been booming for some time. APS-C models have moved a little out of focus. Wrongly, because the cameras with the smaller image format offer almost the same technology as the large ones and on top of that even some advantages, such as lower weight and small dimensions.  The  smaller ones can also elicit image quality that meets even the highest demands. Only in terms of the highest resolution and behavior at extreme ISO values ​​can the cameras with the large sensor and the slightly larger image pixels still score. However, they are also consistently more expensive.

Mirrorless system cameras

Mirrorless system cameras with APS-C sensors are not only popular with beginners. Current models offer a high level of image quality.

We have brought the latest APS-C model from Fujifilm, the X-S10, into the editorial office and in the article in the current issue of c’t Fotografie 2/2021 we compare it to the alternatives from Canon, Nikon and Sony – from the beginner – up to the top model. A conclusion: the current cameras leave little to be desired in terms of technology and quality and are suitable for almost all photographic challenges. Differences arise primarily from the different approaches of the manufacturers. With its M series, Canon is primarily targeting beginners who can manage without a large range of special M lenses. Fujifilm covers all needs from beginners to professionals and has the largest range of lenses available. Nikon and Sony rely on flexibility and compatibility with full format. © www.de24.news

 The y offer their APS models as a supplement or as a second body to the full-format cameras, the 35mm lenses can be used on both formats without a converter.

Portfolio Reuben Krabbe: © www.de24.news The  more extreme the better: the young Canadian Reuben Krabbe photographs skiing like no other. He goes to his own limits for his recordings.

Flow – photography as a happy experience. Your own photography rarely makes a quantum leap. More often we have the feeling that we are going around in circles or that we can no longer find new ideas. A kind of mental wand called Flow helps against this – difficult to grasp, but real. You don’t have to be esoteric or believe in higher powers. Your brain manages it all on its own: © www.de24.news

 The  mental flow state works magically, but it is not available for free, because studies have shown: Basically, flow is nothing more than the connection between hurdles, effort and happiness.

Cameras in the test. With the Q2 Monochrom, Leica has redefined the focus on the essentials. © www.de24.news

 The  camera can only do black and white – but how! © www.de24.news

 The  Hasselblad 907X 50C has a detachable 50 megapixel digital back in the design of the classic 6×6 medium format models. Nikon presented the successors to the two mirrorless top models Z 6 and Z 7 and sent them to us in the test laboratory.

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 The  new memory cards. A lot has happened in the field of memory cards for photographers. New standards are in the starting blocks, others will disappear again after a short time. What you need to know now.

Black and white or color. When do I choose color and when do I choose black and white? © www.de24.news

 The  article discusses what effect or picture statement you can achieve with one technique or another.

Photographing people while traveling. Expedition photographer Ulla Lohmann is often abroad and gives tips on how to photograph strangers in a respectful and authentic way.

Table of contents c't photography 2/2021

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 The  content of the current issue of c’t photography 2/2021 at a glance

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