Curevac starts approval process for Covid vaccine – production is in full swing


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 The  fight against vaccine shortages is slowly improving. Now the Tübingen company Curevac is also entering the approval process.

Tübingen – ©

 The  Tübingen biotech company Curevac has started the approval process for its Corona * vaccine candidate. ©

 The  company announced on Friday morning that the responsible European Medicines Agency (EMA) had received the first results as part of a rolling process.


 The  rolling process is intended to significantly accelerate the testing and approval of urgently needed vaccines. ©

 The  companies continuously hand over data to the supervisory authorities during their ongoing studies instead of collecting them and only handing them over at the end.

According to Curevac, data from the first preclinical tests are now available to the EMA. ©

 The  key results from the ongoing Phase III study should be available to the EMA by the beginning of April, a spokesman told on Friday. According to earlier information, Curevac is hoping for approval of its vaccine candidate in the second quarter.

So far, the Covid-19 vaccines from Biontech and its partner Pfizer, Moderna and AstraZenaca have been approved within the EU. A rolling approval process for another possible vaccine from the US manufacturer Novavax is currently in progress.

In addition, observers expect that Johnson & Johnson and its daughter Janssen will soon submit an application for approval to the EMA. ©

 The  authority has received the first data packages from Janssen. ©

 The  US pharmaceutical giant applied for emergency approval in the USA at the beginning of February. Another corona vaccine could now follow in the EU with Curevac.

Curevac: Vaccine production is already in full swing

At the Tübingen company, production of the new vaccine candidate is already in full swing. In order to further increase capacities, Curevac wants to work with other companies, including Bayer, Wacker Chemie and Fareva. ©

 The  company is also building a completely new production facility at its headquarters. It is scheduled to start operating in 2022.

Similar to the Mainz competitor Biontech Curevac has also focused on the development of messenger nucleic acids (mRNA) specialized. In this novel approach, messengers are supposed to bring genetic blueprints for the production of unimaginably tiny amounts of antigens into the cells. ©

 The  proteins produced are supposed to trigger a defense reaction of the immune system, which the body then also against viruses such as the coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 should protect. According to Curevac, the first interim results indicate a “very high effectiveness”. In addition, the requirements for cooling are apparently considerably lower than those of Biontech, for example. * is part of the Ippen Digital network.

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Curevac starts approval process Covid vaccine production full swing


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