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In the last 24 hours, 254 new CoV cases have been added in Upper Austria. 1,951 people in Upper Austria are currently considered Covid-19 positive. 98 have to be treated in hospitals, twelve patients are in intensive care units, according to the state’s crisis team (as of Saturday, 12 noon). 1,506 people have so far died in Upper Austria in connection with the corona virus.

According to the crisis team, the numbers are going up again, but it is noticeable that there are currently no clusters. © The  opening steps almost two weeks ago will probably only be seen in the numbers in the coming weeks and months, they say.

Simulations indicate a further increase


 The  state crisis team says that the situation is currently under control. But: the virus mutations cause concern. According to the country’s crisis team, there are currently 880 suspected cases of the British virus variant. And: ©

 The re are models according to which the current infection numbers could increase tenfold due to the higher probability of infection. However, experts also note that these are only calculation models. Opening steps are justified, provided that the infection process remains controllable, says medical IT specialist Stephan Winkler from the Upper Austria University of Applied Sciences in an interview with ORF.


 The  number of new infections is increasing

According to the state’s crisis team, 1,846 cases of infections with the corona virus were known in Upper Austria on Friday. From Thursday to Friday, 237 new infections were registered in Upper Austria.

Across Austria there were 1,877 new infections from Friday to Saturday, the Ministry of the Interior and Health announced. On Saturday a week ago (February 13), the number of new infections was 1,433 compared to the previous day. On February 6, the last Saturday before the lockdown was eased, 1,333 confirmed new positive cases were reported. ©

 The  seven-day incidence – the number of new infections per 100,000 inhabitants during this period – was 126.2 across Austria on today’s Saturday. ©

 The  day before it was 121.2. ©

 The  14-day incidence was 236.1. ©

 The  number of active cases was 15,885 on Saturday. More…

Vaccinations in homes soon to be completed


 The  coronavirus vaccinations in all 135 old people’s and nursing homes in Upper Austria should be completed by the end of February, according to Health Councilor Christine Haberlander (ÖVP) and Social Councilor Birgit Gerstorfer (SPÖ). In March, the vaccinations are to be continued in the disabled, as well as in the mobile services in care for the elderly and other service providers.

People with impairments should also be vaccinated. Currently, a total of almost 95,000 vaccinations have been administered, and almost 40,000 people have also received the second vaccination, according to the state crisis team.

A total of 94,916 coronavirus vaccinations have so far been carried out in Upper Austria. ©

 The se are divided as follows:

  • Retirement and nursing homes: 22,218
  • Hospitals: 11,583
  • Over-80s (outside APH): 16,040
  • registered doctors: 2,051
  • Emergency services: 3,524
  • 2. Teilimpfung: 39.500

Demand for relaxation for visits to homes

On Saturday cross-party calls to relax the number of visits to Upper Austrian retirement and nursing homes made people sit up and take notice. Both the SPÖ mayor of Linz, Klaus Luger, and the regional chairman of the ÖVP senior citizens’ union, former governor Josef Pühringer, called for an end to the restrictive measures in various press releases. Both argued that vaccination coverage was advancing in both residents and caregivers.

Luger: “At least one visit a day”


 The re were zero people who tested positive in the homes in Linz, also thanks to the vaccine that had already been administered, said Luger. 80 percent of the residents are now vaccinated. ©

 The  loosening promised by Minister of Health Rudolf Anschober (Greens) did not materialize. “At least one visit per day should be possible for each resident,” Luger demanded.

A prerequisite is compliance with all precautionary measures such as negative test results. ©

 The  mayor also identified a “gross inequality” between those who are cared for at home and who could receive visits on a daily basis and the people in the care facilities, including strict rules. “Isolation is also bad for your health,” said Luger.

Pühringer: “Three visits a week”

Seniorenbund chairman Josef Pühringer sounded a similar horn. His organization received daily complaints from concerned relatives that their elderly spouses, parents or grandparents would be harmed by the long-term isolation and the loneliness it caused. 70 percent of the residents have already been vaccinated, as is a large part of the staff.

“Specifically, there should be at least three opportunities to visit a week and the number of visitors should also be increased,” was the demand from Pühringer and state manager Franz Ebner. ©

 The  months-long withdrawal of close relatives is “an imposition” for the residents of the home. Politicians have always promised a high vaccination rate as a return ticket to a normal life.

Expert expects bankruptcy wave

Small businesses in particular could be bought up by large ones, says economic expert Gabriel Felbermayr. ©

 The  pressure for the catering industry is increasing: according to the expert, the constant locking and unlocking is not a solution. He believes that the gastronomy and the event sector could threaten a wave of bankruptcies. ©

 The  Upper Austrian is President of the Institute for the World Economy in Germany. He is critical of the closing and opening steps in the past few months. More…

Ski areas partially restrict operation

Most of the seven large ski areas in Upper Austria will remain open until the end of March. And if the weather, the snow conditions and the CoV regulations allow, even until Easter Monday on April 5th. However, everyone must expect massive losses compared to a normal year. And that’s why some also limit the lift offer. More…

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