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This week, EPIC Games is offering “Rage 2” for free. © The  first person shooter developed by Avalanche Studios and id Software was released in 2019 as the successor to Rage. In contrast to previous id Software games, “Rage 2” is less gloomy and uses the Apex engine, which allows you to switch between indoor and outdoor spaces without a long loading time.

In “Rage 2”, players take control of Walker, the last ranger who has to survive in a world inhabited by dangerous mutants after being hit by an asteroid. ©

 The  majority of humanity died, only a desolate wasteland remained. As new settlements and factions emerged, a group called Authority declared itself the new military power. It is looking for a valuable nanotechnology to consolidate its dictatorship.

Players can customize Walker’s gender, skills, and appearance. Walker can fight enemies using various firearms and tools. Players can develop Walker’s skills using Nanotrite-based powers. Walker’s weapons do more damage through a mode called Overdrive. ©

 The  game also features vehicle combat, including trucks, buggies, and gyrocopters, where the player can control any vehicle in the game’s world.


 The  game has a colorful palette of colors to differentiate it from other id software games. “Rage 2” uses the Apex game engine from Avalanche Studios instead of id Tech. ©

 The  Apex engine enabled the team to create detailed indoor environments as well as expansive outdoor spaces and allowed players to transition between these worlds without loading screens. [Quelle: Wikipedia]

“Rage 2” will be available for free download from the EPIC Games Store until Thursday, February 26th. But even after that you can continue to play it, because after ordering the game belongs to you without any time restrictions.

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