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Status: 02/20/2021 3:58 p.m.

Opponents of the Corona measures demonstrated against the restriction of fundamental rights with a car parade in Hamburg on Saturday. According to the police, up to 220 vehicles were involved.

In a colorful convoy with decorated cars and loud music, the self-proclaimed “freedom drivers” started at Heiligengeistfeld – but they didn’t get far. Because the car parade was accompanied by counter-demonstrators on bicycles, who repeatedly blocked intersections and thereby stopped the convoy and tore it apart.

Police cleared intersections

Individual motorists in the convoy then tried to push the cyclists to the side and drove their cars to them.  The  police had to clear several crossroads of counter-demonstrators, and the officers arrested a cyclist. ©

 The re were significant traffic obstructions around the Inner and Outer Alster.

At the same time, critics of the Corona measures met again for a silent march on Jungfernstieg, where around 200 participants came.

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Cyclists disturb parade lockdown opponents NDRde news


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