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Pfeiffer Vacuum share despite strong dividend increase with discounts. JOST Werke benefits from the Alö takeover – significant growth in the final quarter. Lucid Motors wants to raise $ 4.6 billion via SPAC’s IPO. HeidelbergCement increases earnings thanks to cost-cutting measures. Third round of the new VW in-house tariff – IG Metall awaits offer. Profit at HSBC collapses by 35 percent in 2020.

 The  German stock market was weaker on Tuesday.

Of the DAX went 0.25 percent firmer at 13,984.98 points, but then went into the red. In contrast, the started TecDAX 0.07 percent higher at 3,461.26 points, but then loses its slight gains again.

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 The  sluggish vaccination campaign and a growing proportion of mutations in the coronavirus are still a burden. © www.de24.news

 The  strong yields on government bonds and the associated concerns for the stock market are also noticeable in this country. © www.de24.news

 The  DAX is moving further away from the 14,000 point mark. “© www.de24.news

 The  bulls are looking to the post-COVID-19 future, and the bears see the risks like the ongoing lockdowns and rising interest rates,” said Thomas Altmann of QC Partners.

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 The  European stock exchanges are moving down on Tuesday.

Of the EuroSTOXX 50 went 0.04 percent weaker at 3,698.24 positions in the trade and then expanded its minus.

Across Europe, the rising yields on the US bond market remain the top topics on the market. Among the individual values, the major British bank HSBC stands out, which has suffered a 35 percent drop in net profit due to the Corona crisis.

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 The  US stock exchanges were divided at the start of the new week.

So the opened Dow Jones at a discount, closing 0.09 percent higher at 31,521.69. Besides that, the NASDAQ Composite significantly by 2.46 percent to 13,533.05 points after it had already started lower.

In view of the vaccination campaign and the planned US economic stimulus package, investors are betting on the economic recovery soon. This, coupled with concerns about inflation, has led to a sell-off in government bonds. But falling bond prices led in turn to rising yields. As a result, there is now growing concern among equity investors that the already highly valued stocks could become less attractive compared to the low-risk bonds.

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 The  Asian stock exchanges showed no common direction on Tuesday.

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 The  leading Japanese index Nikkei started the week and gained 0.46 percent to 30,156.03 index points. © www.de24.news

 The re was no trading today due to a public holiday.

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 The  lost in mainland China Shanghai Composite ultimately 0.17 percent to 3,636.36 counters. In Hong Kong it went for the Hang Seng 1.29 percent up to 30,710.96 points.

After a weaker start to the week, the Asian stock exchanges went up again today. Investors remained concerned about rising government bond yields. “When the yield increases, there is more demand for government bonds relative to other assets,” said Hani Redha, portfolio manager at PineBridge Investments, according to Dow Jones Newwires. “If you’re getting low returns on bonds, you should be willing to pay more for stocks. But that will start to change as bond yields rise.”

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DAX Asias stock exchanges fall HeidelbergCement increases earnings austerity measures Covestro HSBC Facebook focus message


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