Demand for a protective shield for the Schwaz district


A coronavirus cluster with at least nine positive cases has arisen in a kindergarten in Mayrhofen. Mayor Monika Wechselberger announced this on Tuesday. Cases also became known in the New Middle School, both institutions were closed.

 The re is already a suspected case of the South African mutation in kindergarten, said Wechselberger. © The  mayor was not yet able to say whether it was mainly children or carers who tested positive.


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 The  number of people infected with the coronavirus is increasing in the Zillertal community of Mayrhofen. Children are also affected.

Appeal to the mayor to go to the test

In Mayrhofen, 34 people are currently actively infected with the corona virus. ©

 The  numbers are increasing in the Zillertal community. ©

 The  local boss directs an urgent appeal to the population to go to the CoV test: “©

 The re is the possibility of the existing test stations for the children and parents to test themselves directly in front of the school building, which also houses the polytechnic course and the elementary school allow. I would like to ask everyone very intensely to accept the offer. ”


 The  willingness to be tested is likely to end – at least as far as the 40,000 gurgl tests that were distributed in the Schwaz district are concerned. In Fügen, for example, 1,000 gurgl tests were issued, only 50 of which were given. ©

 The  mayor of Fügen, Dominik Mainusch, believes that the gurgl tests that have to be done at home are too time-consuming. You have to be filmed during the test via mobile phone or computer so that the authorities can ensure your identity. That also has a deterrent effect on many, said Mainusch. Of the 40,000 Gurgl tests issued in the Schwaz district, only 4,000 have so far been returned for evaluation.

Tyrolean greens for “bar vaccination”


 The  green club chairman Gebi Mair spoke out on Tuesday that “precautions should be taken for certain scenarios”. Should the South African mutation “get out of control”, a “vaccination shield” should be opened. This suggestion would be tantamount to a bar vaccination, he said. Despite the recent drop in the number of infections, one should “not rest on it”. ©

 The  situation could “turn around in a short time”, that was learned from fighting the pandemic. Mair took up the suggestion of the head of the pre-department at the MedUni Innsbruck, who had requested a “bar vaccination” on Monday against the ORF – more on this in Virologist for bar vaccination in the Schwaz district.

Virologist Dorothee von Laer at the microscope in the laboratory



 The  head of virology at the MedUni Innsbruck Dorothee Von Laer is again starting a discussion.

With a “bar vaccination”, “the herd is shielded from the environment by vaccination,” explained Von Laer. ©

 The  intensive testing in Tyrol is “relatively successful”, but the numbers in Schwaz are still high. According to AGES, the Schwaz district had a seven-day incidence of 164.8 as of Tuesday noon. “We’re just not getting rid of the South Africa variant here in Tyrol at the moment,” she said, and was unsure whether “the testing will be enough in the long term”. In her opinion, it was “a little late with the measures”.

District captain: Think about what is feasible

For weeks, the situation in the district was handled well, said the Schwaz district captain Michael Brandl on Tuesday. ©

 The  cause of the increase in CoV cases in Mayrhofen is still unclear. Now we have to consider what is feasible and useful in terms of a possible vaccination campaign, said Brandl.

Zangerl demands rapid delivery of an effective vaccine

Tyrol’s Chamber of Labor President Erwin Zangerl also welcomed the suggestion made by the Innsbruck virologist von Laer. At the beginning of February, Zangerl himself demanded a quick delivery of an “effective vaccine” to affected areas. “If it turns out that Tyrol is successful with the measures taken against the mutation, then this will set an example for other regions or countries,” he said.

Number of South African mutants decreased

Overall, on Tuesday in Tyrol, there were again less active positives in the confirmed South Africa cases and suspected cases: ©

 The  number fell within 24 hours from 109 to 98, within a week from 142 to 98. From Monday to Tuesday there were seven more suspected South Africa cases added.

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Demand protective shield Schwaz district


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