Demo day in Munich: Motorcade and gatherings on Wiesn and Marienplatz


Munich – With bright sunshine again, Sunday lured many people not to the carnival celebrations, which are known to be canceled, but to the green or white – and a few hundred to Munich to demonstrate. Mask requirement instead of masked ball. Demos had been registered at various locations in the city, including at Marienplatz.

From 1 p.m., around 200 people demonstrated against the Corona measures under the motto “Peace, Joy, Freedom, Self-Determination”. Some of the participants were disguised, most of them wore masks. It stayed peaceful.  The  former police officer and conspiracy ideologist Karl Hilz was forbidden without a mask on the stage and was therefore taken away by the police after a short time. According to the police, around 30 demo participants tried to block this measure and had to be pushed out of the way by officials. Hilz was reported because of the violation – like 32 other people who also did not want to wear a mask at the various demo locations. Six more received reports because they had false mask certificates.

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Also at lunchtime, a motorcade started from Matthias-Pschorr-Straße through the city to the State Chancellery. 400 people were registered here with 150 cars that are against (compulsory) vaccinations. ©

 The  police escorted the just over 100 vehicles, which resulted in some traffic obstructions.

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 The  largest event took place on the ©

 The resienwiese on Sunday evening. According to the police, around 450 participants came to the “Masked Ball for Fundamental Rights”. With carnival music, they called for an end to the restrictions in the pandemic. A total of around 500 officers from the Munich police headquarters and the Bavarian riot police were on duty.

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Demo day Munich Motorcade gatherings Wiesn Marienplatz


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