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Status: 02/20/2021 11:24 a.m.

Denmark has closed 13 small border crossings since Saturday night due to the increased number of infections in Flensburg. Flensburg’s mayor is also pushing for stronger controls.

As the Ministry of Justice announced in Copenhagen on Friday, controls at the other border crossings will be tightened significantly. Justice Minister Nick Haekkerup said the measure was necessary to keep new chains of infection out of the country. If you currently want to travel to Denmark, you have to present a negative corona test that is a maximum of 72 hours old since Saturday night.

Lange calls for a catch-all

Those who drive from Denmark to Germany, on the other hand, are rarely checked at the border. At the council meeting in Flensburg on Thursday evening, Lord Mayor Simone Lange (SPD) therefore emphasized that she wanted to work with the state government at the federal level for border controls.  The  district administrator of the Schleswig-Flensburg district, Wolfgang Buschmann (independent), also supports the project, “because we urgently need to catch up and have a higher level of control,” said Lange.

Flensburg Mayor Simone Lange looks into the camera and smiles.  © City of Flensburg / dpa-Bildfunk Photo: Michael Staudt

AUDIO: OB Lange advocates border controls (1 min)

Further information

The shield "Denmark" with the stars of the EU © dpa Photo: Carsten Rehder

Danes are barely checked when entering Germany at the moment – Lange wants that to change. more

People stand at a distance on the sidewalk on which markings are stuck © photocase Photo: David-W

Because Flensburg has a very high incidence value, stricter corona measures have been in place since Saturday. ©

 The re is also a risk of fines. more

A virus hovers in front of a crowd (photo montage) © panthermedia, fotolia Photo: Christian Müller

Here you will find videos, information and background information on the Sars-CoV-2 coronavirus in Schleswig-Holstein. more

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