Deutsche Post with an important note – you shouldn’t send THAT


Deutsche Post with an important note to customers – you should definitely not send THAT at the moment!

Deutsche Post has a request for customers. (Archive image)
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© The  German postal service turns to her customers with an urgent request!

It is currently not easy for them German postal service and their postmen. Because of the corona pandemic, online retail is booming even more, and now winter is making work even harder.

Deutsche Post: Corona and winter are causing delivery delays

Due to the severe weather conditions in Germany, the German postal service Delay in deliveries. Now the group has made an urgent request to its customers.

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“Due to sometimes extreme weather situations and the heavy snowfall in the past few days, our operations are currently still affected, especially in Lower Saxony, Thuringia, Saxony, Saxony-Anhalt as well as in northern North Rhine-Westphalia and the northern regions of Hesse. © The re are local delays in parcel delivery here, ”according to a post by Deutsche Post on Facebook.

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This is the Deutsche Post DHL Group:

  • Postal and parcel service providers as well as providers of international express, shipping, e-commerce and supply chain management services
  • From 1998 to 2002, Deutsche Post AG gradually acquired DHL
  • Group with around 550,000 employees in 220 countries
  • 65.34 billion euros in sales in 2019


Since the local situation sometimes changes at short notice, it is unfortunately not possible to forecast the exact day for individual delivery districts. “We’re trying our best to get your letters and parcels to you as quickly as possible despite the snow and ice.”

Deutsche Post: Customers should now take that to heart

Deutsche Post also has a request. According to the company, customers can simplify the work of delivering parcels and letters for employees.


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“You can help by clearing and scattering the paths to your houses. We wish you all good and safe progress out there these days, ”writes Deutsche Post. © The  company also has a tip for shipping certain items under the current weather conditions.

Deutsche Post gives tips for shipping certain items

“Due to the current weather situation, we recommend that you refrain from shipping temperature-sensitive goods (especially liquids in glass bottles), as the weather-related delays can mean that shipments may be exposed to extremely low temperatures for a long time,” says Deutsche Post.

So if you are waiting for a delivery by Deutsche Post, you may have to be patient depending on the conditions.

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Deutsche Post important note shouldnt send


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