Developer Conference: Eight videos to keep you up to date with .NET 5.0


All recorded presentations of the betterCode () conference on .NET 5.0, which was released in November 2020, are now available as a video package at a price of 69.95 euros.  The  offer includes eight lectures by heise Developer and dpunkt.verlag Conference held at the beginning of December 2020. With these videos, .NET developers can get a basic overview of .NET 5.0 and thus better weigh up whether the change to the new generation of Microsoft’s development framework is already worthwhile.

NET 5.0 is the new basis for all programs based on Microsoft’s development platform. Whether desktop applications with Windows Forms and WPF, web applications with ASP.NET, mobile apps based on Universal Windows Platform and Xamarin or Unity games – all of them will have to use .NET 5.0 as a central construction kit in order to be prepared for the future.

  • From .NET Framework to .NET Core to .NET 5.0: Status, migration paths and expenses
  • What’s new in C # 9.0?
  • ASP.NET Core 5.0 and Blazor 5.0
  • Mobile development with .NET 5.0
  • © The  new features in Entity Framework Core 5.0
  • What’s new in .NET 5.0
  • Windows UI Library 3 (WinUI3) as an alternative to WPF and UWP
  • Outlook on .NET 6

Those interested can find further details on the lectures on the conference website.


 The  betterCode () presentations are now available as videos for purchase and can be streamed at any time after purchase. It is also possible to purchase the respective videos individually, at a price of 9.95 euros.


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