Developers remain silent so that no one is disappointed


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Game producer Naoki Yoshida explains in an interview with the Washington Post authors that there are good reasons for the team behind the JRPG to remain silent about it for the time being. Because in this way, half-baked information should not make the rounds through the community, nor should false expectations be aroused.

It’s been almost half a year now, in February 2021, that the next title of the Final Fantasy main series was announced: Final Fantasy 16. Since then there has been some information about the fantasy world Valisthea and about the three main characters Clive and Joshua Rosfield and Jill Warrick. We know that the realms of Valisthea are more or less at odds with each other, because every head wants the power of the dragon stones for himself and his people. Or at least most of them. And we know that there are Esper summoners who are misused as weapons by some rulers.

Apart from that, the developers of Final Fantasy 16 are silent. And for good reasons, game producer Naoki Yoshida told editors of the Washington Post in an interview on February 17, 2021, just days after the new expansion of Final Fantasy 14 was announced. Yoshida would have giggled when asked for interesting information about Final Fantasy 16 that cannot be deduced from the trailer. “We don’t want to say something that is half-baked and leads to speculation about the title,” said Yoshida. “Every Final Fantasy fan has a different reason to be happy about and which increases the anticipation.”

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Let’s see it this way: a little speculation can also fuel the anticipation, can’t it? We know from the trailer that it only shows in-game scenes. That already gives fans hope that they won’t have to wait until 2023 or 2024 to celebrate the release of Final Fantasy 16. On the other hand, Yoshida is of course right, because nobody can know how the work on a game will develop – and how much preplanned content will actually end up in it.

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