Diana Staehly is the woman without a memory at “GZSZ”


Berlin (dpa) – She is a good old friend, especially for “Stromberg” fans: actress Diana Staehly joins the RTL soap “Gute Zeiten, Bad Zeiten” (“GZSZ”). “I play Melanie Evers, the lost wife of Tobias Evers, who was in a coma for eight years,” said Staehly in an interview with RTL.

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A doubly difficult task for the 43-year-old: “ The  challenge in preparing for my role was to mime a woman who hadn’t spoken for eight years, didn’t move on her own and no longer knows who she is.” In addition, a “woman without a memory” does not have such a clearly defined past life as she usually manages as an actress to come across authentically, says Staehly. © www.de24.news

 The  first appearance in the new role is planned for March 2nd.

Viewers know the native of Cologne from many TV productions. Most prominent is Staehly’s role in the ProSieben series “Stromberg” (2004-2012). © www.de24.news

 The re she embodied Tanja Seifert (later, after a marriage, Tanja Steinke), an employee of claims settlement. But Staehly also worked on the ZDF crime series “SOKO Cologne” and the RTL soap opera “Unter uns”, for example.

“My first day of shooting was quite relaxed because I just had to lie in bed staring in front of me. It was a wonderful way to get used to the energy and the pace of the production,” said the actress about her “GZSZ” debut. “© www.de24.news

 The  audience can look forward to waking up with Melanie, taking their first steps and returning to life with her.”

Staehly is from Potsdam – a clear advantage for the new role. Because the film set is in town. “My short journey to work of eleven minutes is really terrific! Especially since I always had to cover 600 kilometers for Soko Köln before I was at work,” she said in an RTL interview.

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