Did DaBaby dish out YouTuber JoJo Siwa in a rap?


DaBaby called JoJo Siwa “Bitch” in a rap – and received numerous confused reactions.

 The  29-year-old rapper DaBaby, who got off to a flying start last year with his song “Rockstar”, caused questioning faces and tons of funny reactions last weekend with a text passage from a new freestyle rap.

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On the track called “Beatbox Freestyle” you can hear how he describes the successful 17-year-old YouTuber as “Bitch”. Numerous Twitter users were confused by the insult that came out of the blue:

YouTube colleague James Charles also asked himself in a tweet how JoJo Siwa earned DaBaby’s diss:
Numerous fans of the rapper tried to explain on Twitter that DaBaby JoJo had not dissed: “He said ‘You a bitch and JoJo Siwa’. Jojo = Jonathan aka DaBaby. Siwa = See why. ‘You a bitch and Jonathan sees why’ ”was the deduction of the fans.

Nonetheless, DaBaby apologized to JoJo Siwa and wrote in a tweet that his three-year-old daughter was a huge fan of hers. She shouldn’t be persuaded that he had a problem with her – it was just a play on words.

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DaBaby dish YouTuber JoJo Siwa rap


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