Did Nikolaus Okonkwo not get a previous role because of skin color? Sender reacts to allegations


In 1989 Nikolaus Okonkwo was in front of the camera for the first time and has since acted in countless productions. However, he did not get a role in the series “Der Bergdoktor” – because of the color of his skin, as the actor is now making public.

Nikolaus Okonkwo: “Bergdoktor” cancellation because of skin color?

 The  popular series ran on Sat.1 from 1992 to 1997. During this time Nikolaus Okonkwo auditioned for a role. “Back then I was supposed to be shooting for ‘Bergdoktor’ with Harry Krassnitzer,” explains the TV star in an interview with Bild. But that never happened. “But director Celino Bleiweiß, who had spoken to the Sat.1 editorial team, brought me a rejection.”

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 The  reason for this is supposed to have been the skin color of Nikolaus Okonkwo, as he himself reveals: “© www.de24.news

 The  broadcaster said: ‘As long as we produce the Bergdoktor, there will never be a black friend of the Bergdoktor!'”

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This is how Sat.1 reacts to Nikolaus Okonkwo’s accusations of racism

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 The  broadcaster Sat.1 responded to the allegations. A broadcaster told AZ: “That doesn’t correspond to the attitude of the broadcaster. Neither then nor now. SAT.1 stands for a tolerant and social society. Racism, exclusion and hatred have no place here.” © www.de24.news

 The  director Celino Bleiweiß has so far not commented on the allegations.

Nikolaus Okonkwo is still successfully in front of the camera despite the incident. On Sunday he will be seen for the first time in the ZDF series “Frühling”. According to information from “Bild”, the actor should even start with a permanent role.

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Nikolaus Okonkwo previous role skin color Sender reacts allegations


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