Dieter Bohlen is now wearing plaster of paris: “The toes were suddenly backwards” – people


Pop titan Dieter Bohlen (67) limps down on the banister, he wears a bright red cast on his right leg. What happened there?

“Yes, friends, my new way of going down the stairs,” jokes the DSDS juror in an Instagram video.  The  plaster of paris is not a joke, but real.

“Why? Ankle in the ass, tendons in the ass. It’s all screwed up, ”explains Dieter Bohlen.

How did that happen?

Dieter Bohlen: “I’m too stupid to go sledding! I ran smoothly over my own foot. ©

 The  toes were suddenly backwards. “
Before the fans start to worry, the pop titan gives the all-clear: “Now everything is fine again, and Carina and I are now trying out a lot of new dance moves.”

Dieter Bohlen's latest accessory: a bright red plaster of paris

Dieter Bohlen’s latest accessory: a bright red plaster of parisPhoto: Dieter Bohlen / Instagram

Despite the toboggan injury, Dieter is in a good mood, he can’t be disturbed by something like that.

After his plaster video, countless recovery wishes came in. “Get well soon dear Dieter”, writes his “super talent” colleague Evelyn Burdecki (32), for example.

And DSDS juror Mike Singer (21), “Let’s Dance” star Oana Nechiti (32) and presenter Frauke Ludowig (57) wish him to get back on two feet very quickly.

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Dieter Bohlen wearing plaster paris toes suddenly people


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