Displeasure in the CDU about Merkel and Braun: The Chancellery brings back memories of the end of the Kohl era – politics


Whether the Christian Democrats say it loudly or behind closed doors, the CDU can hear resentment about Chancellor Angela Merkel and her head of office Helge Braun. To one or the other in the leadership, the two appear turned away from the reality of life in which there are millions of people.

As if they didn’t really know how to assess and classify in the control center of power, what happens in lockdown with those who are not privileged in the sense of: job, home office, homeschooling, no problem at all.

With the assistance of the Union parliamentary group leadership, it is criticized that the corona crisis has actually become the dominant topic in the Chancellery. As in the final phase of the Kohl government, one prefers to surround oneself with loyal followers and also with those who follow the prevailing reading in dealing with the virus.

 The  tone is rough

In the meetings with the Prime Minister, according to this information, the tone has become rougher because of this. Cabinet members who at times allow themselves doubts or dissenting opinions would find it difficult to bring them up for discussion.

This applies to the CDU, but especially to the SPD. For example, the conflict over school closings with Schwerin’s Prime Minister Manuela Schwesig was recently carried out. However, as was not so well known, there was also considerable controversy over restrictions, for example at church services.

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 The  Christian Social Interior Minister Horst Seehofer, who is also responsible for the religious communities, protested against this. He referred the Chancellery to established agreements with the large churches, the Central Council of Jews and the Muslims. © www.de24.news

 The  Pentecostal churches that do not adhere to restrictions can be dealt with with the current legal situation. That was an intervention in the sense of the C-parties.

Little chance in Hessen

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 The  position of Chancellery Minister Braun is repeatedly rejected by the Prime Minister across all parties, so that the Hesse Volker Bouffier (CDU) is said to have become a key figure for joint solutions. That Braun could be a promising candidate for Bouffier’s successor after his time with Merkel in his native Hesse is currently considered unlikely by CDU leadership circles.

Unless, in the Merkel months up to September, it becomes clear how much people’s concerns are heard in the Chancellery.

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Displeasure CDU Merkel Braun Chancellery brings memories Kohl era politics


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