Dispute over rent caps, living and building: Berlin needs a plan – against city frustration and for the metropolitan region – Berlin


Nobody will overlook this message: a poster every 140 meters, 40,000 in total – the activists of the referendum call in five languages ​​for the expropriation of all corporations with more than 3,000 apartments and want to show “who owns the city”.

It belongs to people, to all people. This includes the craftsman who bought a rental house for old-age security, the boss of the Deutsche Wohnen corporation and the resident of Rigaer Strasse, who was evacuated from the occupied house and the left-wing autonomous club.

 The  future of this very mixed city will be at stake when the elections take place in autumn. And this choice will make two directional decisions: about the realigned left-wing housing and rent policy and about the possibility of “socializing” companies.

Klaus Lederer advertised left-wing urban development in the Tagesspiegel on Monday. © www.de24.news

 The  introduction of the rent cap a year ago was a “political show of strength” – and it is true: there has probably never been more profound intervention in the market. At the same time, this was just the beginning, a “paradigm shift” was imminent. © www.de24.news

 The  House of Representatives elections will also decide how radically this new left-wing urban development will be continued.

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So far, the SPD has steered against the very hard left swing in the red-red-green alliance. Top candidate Franziska Giffey exercises the balancing act: Rent cover, yes, but limited in time and use the breathing space to build. Building was once the common denominator of the SPD and CDU. In the current red-red-green alliance, however, it says: Build only with the proviso that the new apartments serve the common good.

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 The  new model of the Greens is also common good. Top candidate Bettina Jarasch calls for more than half of all apartments in Berlin to serve the common good in the long term.

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 The  Mauerpark in the Prenzlauer Berg district.Photo: Gregor Fischer / dpa

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 The  term is vague enough to encompass citizen participation in building plans, the rules for creating affordable housing or parks, and the urban climate. Building for the common good also means: with alternative financiers and investors who not only strive for their own good, for high returns.

Many households have reached their limits

Political opponents call the left-wing housing policy and the redistribution at the expense of homeowners, which the rent cap brings, populist. However, the fact is that rents have been rising for years and are pushing many households to their financial limits.

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 The  CDU knows that too. Kai Wegner therefore brings a “Safe Living Fund” into play, money for those who can no longer pay their rent. And he wants to take action against usury. Law and order while observing the rules of the market economy.

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 The se are also important to the FDP. And she would sit at the round table for more new buildings with businesses and citizens, which the CDU as well as the SPD is demanding. Except that Giffey wants a “socially” oriented new building.

But beyond the dispute over rent caps, new construction subsidies and urban densification, the planning of the growing metropolitan region is on the agenda of the next Senate – as an antidote to inner-city frustration, overcrowded quarters and parks, clogged streets, buses and trains. That has to become a top priority, no matter which coalition governs this city after the elections.

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