District administrator from Tirschenreuth defends himself against “know-it-alls from all over Germany”


District Administrator Roland Grillmeier defended the strategy in the fight against Corona: “Test, test, test.”

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District Administrator Roland Grillmeier has recently conducted countless interviews with nationwide media about the worrying Corona development. © www.de24.news

 The  highlight was a video conference with Chancellor Angela Merkel on Friday. This was followed by a list of demands from eight district administrators from border districts with an urgent request for more support. And the talks continue unabated: This week, a video link with the Bavarian Minister of Health, the State Office for Health and Food Safety and the government of the Upper Palatinate is planned, informed Grillmeier.

At the weekend, two incendiary letters were sent from the region to Munich and Berlin

Willows in the Upper Palatinate

“Where are we with the suspected mutations?” That is the most urgent question at the moment, emphasized the district administrator on Monday in the district committee. “© www.de24.news

 The  incidence values ​​are not the only criteria when looking at the situation.” Nevertheless, it is clear that you have to get as far below the value as possible, otherwise you probably don’t have to worry about larger openings.

“We are in the focus of all know-it-alls from all over Germany,” said Grillmeier, summarizing the great media coverage. © www.de24.news

 The  advice you get there is not on a cow’s skin: “For example, the accusation why the district does not close the border with the Czech Republic. Anyone who asks such a question to the district administrator has no idea.” At the moment the cross-border commuters are the main brokers. “But our people spread the virus the same way.”

When assessing the systemic relevance of cross-border commuters, the approach is similar to that in the first phase in spring. As in other counties, around 60 percent of Czech employees are recognized. “One could have proceeded more restrictively, but the companies tell us that their existence is at stake. And there are also bigger companies.” He said to all critics: “Have fun with the rejection.” © www.de24.news

 The re is also the question of whether it would not make more sense to test commuters every two days instead of gathering them here in pensions.

© www.de24.news

 The  district administrator certified all employees in care and administration, in the test and vaccination centers, as “highly efficient work”. Every critic should ask himself whether he has done everything himself to contain the pandemic. “© www.de24.news

 The  best strategy is to keep testing, testing, testing. Even if the numbers stay up.”


Current corona numbers

  • New corona cases (as of Monday, 12 noon): 67 (Saturday: 35, Sunday: 26, Monday: 6), of which 23 were in quarantine.
  • Suspected cases of a corona mutation: 82 further cases, a total of 432. Of these, 12 confirmed cases of a corona mutation (British variant) are so far. © www.de24.news

     The se numbers are included in the total number of infected people.

  • Corona deaths: 1 new death: person (mid-80s) with previous illnesses. This increases the number of corona deaths to 219.
  • Total number of those who tested positive: 4,166.
  • Quarantine: Due to a positive case, an emergency daycare group at the Kita Li-La-Löhle Kemnath is under quarantine.
  • 7-day incidence in Germany: Tirschenreuth district 354, Wunsiedel district 310, Bayreuth district 108, Neustadt district / WN 178 (source: Robert Koch Institute).
  • 7-day incidence in the Czech Republic: Eger district 904, Sokolov district 1222, Karlsbad district 1031, Tachau district 1349 (source: Czech Ministry of Health).

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District administrator Tirschenreuth defends knowitalls Germany


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