Divorce: The End of Love in Syria and Germany – Column


“Men and women don’t go together – except in the middle.” A German friend recently told me that. I’m not sure that this really describes the complicated chemistry of a heterosexual couple relationship. A marriage can be as confused as the German tax system and a divorce as complex and lengthy as Brexit.
I have always hesitated to go into more detail about marriage and its ending in any of our columns. I didn’t want to interfere too much in the private affairs of Germans and I didn’t want to be misunderstood. But I am confronted with this topic more and more often. Currently through reports from our circle of friends.
I am happily married and I mean it. And when you speak theoretically about other people’s problems, there is a saying in Syria: “He who has hands in the fire feels something different than a person with his hands in cold water.” It is not easy to get through a topic with confidence to maneuver when you are not directly affected. We want to try anyway. Perhaps it can contribute a little to transparency and tolerance if you name different points of view.

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