Djokovic wins the Australian Open for the ninth time – tennis – more sport

Djokovic wins the Australian Open for the ninth time - tennis - more sport

Only the first sentence was exciting

Medvedev was also not impressed by a nervous start.  The  game, led by the German chair referee Nico Helwerth, quickly reached a high level. In the Rod-Laver-Arena the Russian almost always found an answer to Djokovic’s aggressive game, the Serb had to fight hard for every point. After 42 minutes he used a small weakness Medvedev to win the first set.

Next attempt of the “Next Generation” failed

© The  final of the Australian Open was also the next attempt by the players in the so-called “Next Generation”to usher in the end of the era of the superstars Djokovic, Federer and Nadal. Although the last US Open in Dominic Thiem had already produced a new champion – Federer was injured there, Nadal did not start and Djokovic was disqualified in the round of 16 due to a lack of self-control. © The re is a lot of talk about the new generation that will take over from us”said Djokovic: “But realistically, that hasn’t happened yet. With all due respect to the other guys, they still have a lot of work to do.”

Medvedev loses his nerve

That was shown in the final in Melbourne: Djokovic kept the pressure high even with the lead in his back, Medvedev, however, made more and more simple mistakes. © The  Russian smashed his bat out of frustration and quarreled more and more with himself. Djokovic, whose abdominal muscle complaints seemed to be completely over, remained highly concentrated and won the second round with ease. Medvedev became more and more desperate, the focus was gone. “He’s such a talented player, but he can’t get his nerve today”, judged Becker at Eurosport. Mentally, the ice-cold Djokovic was far superior – and easily fended off one last riot of his opponent.

Stand: 21.02.2021, 11:40

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Djokovic wins Australian Open ninth time tennis sport


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