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Rhineland-Palatinate is thinking about making a DNA database possible for dogs – so that authorities can clearly assign dog feces left behind to a dog. According to a spokesman for the interior ministry, the city of Selters in the Westerwald district has asked for it.

City representatives promise to use such a database to locate the owner based on the dog’s faeces and, if necessary, to ask them to pay. Initially the “Rhein-Zeitung” reported on it. Rolf Jung (Free Voters), City Mayor of Selters, has been dealing with the problem of unwanted legacies from dogs for years. “I was tired of people just talking about it.”

As a former police officer, he had the idea of ​​creating a database with the help of a saliva swab from the dogs. He hired a specialist lawyer to check this legally. According to his own account, he sent the report to the Ministry of the Interior, along with a description of the situation, as only the latter could issue approval for such a project.

Ministry: Proposal will not solve the problem

According to the Selters municipal administration, the fine for dog excrement is currently less than 100 euros. 1,710 dogs are currently registered in the Selters community, 201 of them in the town of Selters.

According to a ministry spokesman, the initiative’s chances of success are slim. A legal regulation as proposed by the city of Selters appears neither expedient nor proportionate to solve the problem described there.

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DNA database dog feces streets Selters SWR Aktuell


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