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Apple is currently selling both Macs with Intel processors and with the new M1 processors they have designed themselves. Which would you choose?

Berlin (dpa / tmn) – Faster, quieter, more energy-saving, cheaper: Apple’s Macs and Macbooks with the new M1 processor are very clearly superior to their predecessors with Intel processors in most disciplines, reports the specialist magazine “Mac & i” (issue 1 / 21). Nevertheless, all M1 Macs feel like real Macs and are compatible with most programs.

Some of these even ran faster than in the Intel environment for which they were written. This is made possible by a simulation of this programming environment (emulation) on the M1 computers, which is called Rosetta 2.

Clear tendency

That is why the experts advise anyone who is about to buy a new Mac anyway to buy an Apple computer with an M1 chip. Compared to the basic configurations of the predecessors with Intel chips and otherwise the same equipment, the M1 Macs have even become cheaper.  The  Mac Mini and Macbook Air cost around 130 euros and the Macbook Pro still costs around 50 euros.

Two exceptions: users who need more than 16 gigabytes (GB) of RAM – for example for complex music and video production – or who rely on software that does not yet run on M1 Macs should still get program updates wait or buy an Intel Mac. ©

 The  latter will be available for around two years.

Built like smartphone chips


 The  current M1 processor is based on the so-called ARM architecture, which has always been used in smartphone processors. ©

 The  next generation of ARM Macs will probably have an even more powerful chip with more cores and also come out with more than 16 GB of RAM, the experts suspect.

An important new feature to distinguish M1 from Intel Macbooks is an additional symbol on the «fn» key at the bottom left. ©

 The re is now an additional globe emblazoned with M1 Macbooks.

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