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Does the Luzi go off at 200 euros? This candidate is on the hose


Tractor, Leni, Viereck … WWM candidate Christine Schorer is completely on the wrong track

Sometimes it’s just bewitched. You will stumble with the first steps.

 The  same goes for “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?” – Candidate Christine Schorer from Thannhausen. When moderator Günther Jauch wants to know for 200 euros what is literally going on where there is a lot going on, good advice from her is expensive. Elli, Leni, Gerdi or Luzi? ©

 The  mental coach has no idea, is on the line and then all of a sudden clearly leans towards “Leni”. Much to the joy of Mr. Jauch, who by shouting “Leni! Leni!” ©

 The n made one of the candidate jokers totally crazy. How Luzi went off in the studio, we show again in our video.

Günther Jauch: “It was the classic!”

“Luzi? I don’t even check that now,” comments “Who will be a millionaire?” – Candidate Christine Schorer the resolution of her 200-euro question. Because the saying “©

 The re goes the Luzi!” actually didn’t even know her, as she confirms to us in retrospect. Perhaps that was also why she had run completely off in the direction of Leni because of a flash of inspiration. Somehow that seemed familiar to her from a song.

“It was the classic”, Jauch reveals to us later in an interview and is happy that his candidate was able to save herself in the end. Maybe with a little help from the WWM moderator, who, by the way, has already seen the whole thing coming, as he reveals to us in the video above.

Luzi out, Leni here – in the end Christine Schorer goes home with 16,000 euros more in the account – and can get a little bit of idiom from her husband, for whom the question would obviously not have been a problem.

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