Dome show permanent guest: Filip taunts Alex Hindersmann


Filip Pavlovic (26) does not want to become the next Alexander Hindersmann (32)!  The  pretty blonde is now a well-known reality TV face, which he owes primarily to his dome show career. In 2018 he fought for the heart of Rosenlady Nadine Klein (35) at Die Bachelorette, and the following year he tried his luck again at Bachelor in Paradise. But the hot muscle mountain is no longer in the mood for another dating program. Why? Because Filip not like his former Bachelorette colleague Alex wants to end up …

Im “Der Bachelor”-Podcast the hottie with Croatian and Bosnian roots now explained: “I said at the time, being a bachelor – to see the other side wouldn’t be so bad, but I think I’ve already done too many dating formats to take part in a dating format again, I think that would be too much. “ ©

 The n he teased his Rosen competitor: “I’ll leave that up to you Alexander Hindersmann.”

In terms of Alex’s defense, one has to say that he only works in one format more than Filip has contributed. ©

 The  love-hungry Gammelbyer took part in two Bachelorette seasons in a row for the first time in show history. At first he courted next Filip 2018 one Nadine, then again in 2019 to ex-Germany’s next top model candidate Gerda Lewis (28). In the same year he also took part in “Bachelor in Paradise” with Filip.

Filip Pavlovic in the jungle show finals

TVNOW / Stefan Gregorowius

Filip Pavlovic in the jungle show finals
Alexander Hindersmann in Kiel

Instagram / alexander_hindersmann

Alexander Hindersmann in Kiel
Alexander Hindersmann, Filip Pavlovic and Daniel Lott in Holland, “©

 The  Bachelorette”

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Dome show permanent guest Filip taunts Alex Hindersmann


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