Donald Trump: Bizarre rituals in your own hotel – shrimp cocktail, steak and french fries


Trump Hotel employees unpack and report on the strange habits of former President Donald Trump. He loves fixed rituals, diet coke and shrimp.

  • Donald Trump requires fixed rituals at his Trump Hotel in Washington DC.
  • Its workforce aims to win the Joe Biden have celebrated.
  • For all the news about the 45th President of the United States and his family, see Trump News.

Washington DC – IF Donald Trump im Trump Hotel If you dine in Washington DC, he does so at table 72. And at this table, hard to miss in the middle of the mezzanine, no one dines in person without the boss.  The  table is always kept ready for him, nobody in the Trump Hotel dares to personally explain to the real estate mogul that his table is already occupied.

“Steakgate” in the Trump Hotel: Donald Trump complains that another was bigger

Because Donald Trump loves rituals, repetitive processes. And Donald Trump fears germs. Before his meal, optionally with his wife Melania, his children Ivanka, Eric and Donald Jr. or close associates like Rudy Giuliani or once Mike Pence, the former president and all his guests are discreetly given a bottle of disinfectant. And of course not just since the corona pandemic.


 The  Trump International Hotel in Washington DC: Donald Trump dined here with his family and close friends for four years.

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 The n there is for Donald Trump Crab cocktail. But of course not with ordinary shrimp. Especially large copies are always kept ready especially for the boss. Because Trump doesn’t like it when his food isn’t the most splendid. Once he dropped a steak because his wasn’t the biggest at the table. It was a splendid steak, they say Trump Hotel. But just a few grams thinner than another, as former head chef Bill Williamson recalls. After this “steak gate”, the head chef switched, instead of serving rib-eye with bones or filet mignon as before, he only served tomahawk steaks weighing around 1.2 kilos.

Donald Trump eats shrimp cocktail, steak and French fries at the Trump Hotel, healthy side dishes are taboo

In addition to the prawn cocktail and the splendid steak Donald Trump French fries and a small bottle of ketchup that is opened in front of his eyes. ©

 The  hotel owner insists on hearing the click of the seal. ©

 The  same applies to opening his beloved Diet Coke, which is brought to his table with every meal. On two polished trays. A chilled bottle of his favorite drink and a glass with ice cubes are on one tray – the same drink and a glass without ice on the other.


 The  protocol that all serving employees in Trump Hotel Having to learn by heart dictates in no less than seven steps exactly how to open the coke bottle and how to pour the shower head. A long-handled bottle opener should be used and the bottles should only be opened when Donald Trump always answered the same question “with or without ice cream”. After a precisely defined amount has been poured, the bottle with the remaining contents must be placed on the right of the former president.

Donald Trump loves junk food, Rudy Giualiani works at the dining table in the Trump Hotel

While other side dishes such as vegetables are absolutely undesirable, there is Donald Trump on a tray of junk food. Potato chips (sour cream and onions), chocolate and muesli bars, lollipop dragees, gummy bears, chocolate biscuits, chocolate-coated raisins and more. His wife Melania once had a sole brought back into the kitchen amid loud protests because it was made with chives and parsley.

But as worse than the airs of the owner family around Donald Trump the employees felt the behavior of his lawyer Rudy Giuliani. He had his own regulars’ table, at which, according to the reports, he worked more than ate, so that the staff once had a brass plate made for him: “Rudy Giualiani’s private office”. But if he actually wanted to eat once, especially with guests, then always from now on. An immense pressure for the kitchen and the staff, but, says one employee who wants to remain anonymous: “He was the boss’s lawyer, what should we do?”

Trump Hotel: Donald Trump’s workforce celebrated Joe Biden’s victory

If you believe the insider, the entire workforce would like nothing more ardently than that Donald Trump the hotel either has to sell for financial reasons or simply loses interest in the location in the US capital. A first step in this direction is against Joe Biden lost presidential election 2020: “Behind closed doors we all celebrated that Biden won. But some are still afraid of having to look for a new job. “(Mirko Schmid)

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Donald Trump Bizarre rituals hotel shrimp cocktail steak french fries


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