Donald Trump: Christian prophets believe in return – still 2021


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Donald Trump only vacated the White House in January. But evangelical supporters: inside believe in divine providence and an imminent return.

  • Donald Trump has been living his life as a private person since leaving the presidency.
  • Evangelical Christ: within but are firmly convinced that the Republican will soon be back in the Oval Office.
  • All information and news about the 45th US President is available in the Trump-News.

Washington DC – ©

 The  former incumbent Donald Trump has divided the country like no other president in the history of the United States. One group stands by the Republican despite all the scandals during the presidency: evangelical Christ: within, a religious trend that is reflected in the USA more and more widespread and also has political ambitions.

Shortly after the presidential election in November, the evangelical preacher Paula White-Cain for great amusement on social networks. In a sermon she prayed imploringly for victory Donald Trumps in the battle for the White House. White-Cain ecstatically repeated some passages over and over again, for example: “I hear the sound of victory” or “©

 The  Lord says it is done”.

76 percent of white evangelicals voted for Donald Trump in the 2020 US election


 The  speech was much more typical Trump-Sprech as a religious devotion. In the approximately two and a half hour service of the church “City of Destiny” White-Cain spoke of electoral fraud, miscalculations and people who tried to hijack the election. “We are unleashing the power and authority of the Lord against any demon who encounter this choice,” she preached.

Much of the white evangelicals in the United States are supporters of Donald Trump.



 The  54-year-old was clearly involved in politics: White appeared as a confidante of the former US president. For example, she stopped during Donald Trumps Inauguration in January 2017 delivered a speech on the steps of the Capitol.

According to a poll by the Edison Research Institute on behalf of several US newspapers and news media, 76 percent of the white people voted in November Evangelicals For Donald Trump, just 23 percent for Democrat Joe Biden. ©

 The  group plays a major role in political decisions – white evangelicals are said to make up 27 percent of all voters. In Trump’s surprise victory in 2016, around 80 percent voted for the Republican.

Christian US prophets believe that Donald Trump will return soon

Despite all the hopes and prayers of the Evangelicals has it Donald Trump failed and finally had to vacate the White House for his challenger in January. Numerous Christian supporters: inside believe, however, that the Republican will soon be back in the Oval Office – but not only after the future US election in 2024. He will return to office this year, according to preachers who are close to Trump.


 The  inauguration on January 20 actually means nothing,” said Johnny Enlow, a 61-year-old pastor from California, during a live stream on YouTube. According to Enlow, more than 100 “believable” christian prophets around the world declared that Donald Trump would come back to power soon. Elsewhere he stated that the 74-year-old was “the primary head of government on planet earth”.

Donald Trump – “©

 The  Revival Will Come!”

Greg Locke, a pastor from Nashville, who says he is “not ashamed and refuses to bow to the politically correct idols of our culture,” is also returning Donald Trumps convinced. Shortly after his election defeat, he wrote on his Twitter account with almost 100,000 followers that Trump would “remain 100 percent President of the United States for another term.”

Immediately before Joe Biden’s inauguration, Locke wrote on the short message service: “To be clear, I haven’t changed my mind on anything. Trump will remain president. Biden will be exposed. America will stay free. ©

 The  resuscitation will come! “

Relationship between Donald Trump and evangelical Mike Pence is considered disturbed

For a long time Mike Pence built a bridge between Donald Trump and the Evangelicals. Pence once said of himself that he was “Christian, Conservative and Republican – in that order”. ©

 The  White House described that christian faith as “the driving force in his life”.

Mike Pence is considered an ultra-conservative evangelical.

© Zak Benett/AFP

Since the storming of the Capitol, the relationship between the two politicians has been disrupted. Unsurprisingly: “Hang Mike Pence!” Chanted the mob of angry Trump supporters: inside on the doors of the congress building. ©

 The re are still no reliable indications of how the broken relationship could affect a possible Trump candidacy in 2024. (Tim Vincent Dicke)

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Donald Trump Christian prophets return


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