Donald Trump offered Kim Jong Un a ride on Air Force One


After the summit burst: Trump offered Kim Jong Un the opportunity to fly in Air Force One

See in the video: North Korea’s ruler Kim Jong Un shows the world new ballistic missiles.Pyongyang, North Korea: North Korea introduces new ballistic submarine missiles. Kim Jong Un: Pukguksong-5 is the most powerful weapon in the world. North Korea wants to expand military power and nuclear arsenal. Head of State Kim has been driving nuclear and missile production since 2018. Kim has been his party’s general secretary since Tuesday. With this he has consolidated his power.


 The re is only one opportunity like this: At their second summit in Vietnam, Donald Trump apparently offered Kim Jong Un to fly him home in Air Force One. But the North Korean dictator declined with thanks.

Much has been reported about the peculiar relationship between Donald Trump and North Korea’s dictator Kim Jong Un. At the beginning of the former US president’s term of office, both threatened and cursed each other until they suddenly appeared to have been struck by Cupid’s arrow. Legendary as well as bizarre, for example, the post from Pyongyang, which Trump half-seriously, half-ironically called “love letters”. Now another loving act of political romance has become known. As reported by the British BBC, the head of the White House is said to have offered the North Korean head of state a flight opportunity in Air Force One.

As Matthew Pottinger, one of the deputy security advisors under Trump, told the broadcaster, the then US president is said to have said to Kim at the US-North Korea summit in Vietnam: “I can get you home in just two hours, if you want. ” But the dictator declined with thanks, said Pottinger. Trump had made the offer to Kim, who had arrived on a train journey lasting several days, after the end of the bilateral meeting. ©

 The  disarmament summit took place in February 2019 and ended with no results.

“Trump thought he had a new boyfriend”


 The  relationship between the two heads of state was apparently characterized by an unprecedented looseness, as other participants report. Former National Security Advisor John Bolton once said: “Trump thought he had a new best friend in Kim.”

Trump was the first US president to negotiate directly with North Korea. ©

 The re were two summits, in Singapore in June 2018 and nine months later in Vietnam. While loose announcements of disarmament had been agreed at the first meeting, the second fell completely. Excessive demands by the North Koreans and poor preparation on the part of the Americans were identified as the reasons. After Vietnam, the relationship between Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un cooled sharply again.

Swell: BBC, ©

 The  Hill, DPA, AFP


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Donald Trump offered Kim Jong ride Air Force


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