Dortmund’s corona incidence continues to rise slightly on Sunday



p id=”BaseTextFirstParagraph”> The  city of Dortmund announced on Sunday (February 21st): “Today 28 positive test results were added. Of the newly infected, six people can be assigned to four families. ”©

 The re are currently 1018 people in quarantine.

A total of 17,981 positive tests have been received since the disease first appeared in Dortmund. “© The  number of people currently recovered and the total number of people infected in Dortmund cannot be reported today due to a technical problem,” said the city administration. This information should be submitted on Monday.

According to the calculation of the city of Dortmund using the RKI method, the incidence value with today’s figures will be 62.7. ©

 The  value increases slightly (on the previous day it was 62.2). ©

 The  actual incidence of the RKI will only be available from midnight and is binding from then on – slight deviations are possible until then.

125 corona patients are currently being treated as inpatients in Dortmund, 17 of them in intensive care, 14 of them with ventilation. Another death has been reported to the health department. An 80-year-old woman died of Covid-19 during inpatient treatment.

© The  RKI names almost 300 corona deaths in Dortmund

In Dortmund, according to the city administration, 189 people have so far died as a result of Covid-19, and a further 103 patients infected with Covid-19 died from other causes. ©

 The  Robert Koch Institute summarizes both values ​​as Covid deaths.

So far, a total of 46 cases of infection with the British virus variant B.1.1.7 have been detected in Dortmund (unchanged compared to Saturday). ©

 The  city of Dortmund emphasizes: This is not a subset of the daily new infections, but a subset of the total infection cases. Sequencing takes several days.

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Dortmunds corona incidence continues rise slightly Sunday


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