Double defeat for Donald Trump in the US Supreme Court


Donald Trump suffered several defeats in front of the Supreme Court on Monday.  The  judges not only cleared the way for his tax documents to be handed over to the prosecutor in New York. Trump had sued Manhattan’s District Attorney Cyrus Vance Jr. to no avail. None of the judges he appointed supported him. At least a contrary opinion within the court was not published.

© The  Conservative-dominated Supreme Court also rejected motions from Trump’s supporters to deal with the election counts in Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Michigan, Georgia and Arizona. This included the dispute over the deadline for postal votes in Pennsylvania. Only the conservative judges Neil Gorsuch, Samuel Alito and Clarence Thomas said the case deserved a hearing by the Supreme Court. © The  other judges, including two appointed by Trump, saw it differently.

With the decision on the tax documents, the Manhattan Attorney’s Office can now request them from the Trump Organization. District Attorney Vance wrote after the verdict became known on Twitter: “© The  work continues.” In 2019, the investigators had already sent Trump’s accountants at the Mazars company a writ of execution. Trump’s lawsuit, however, could ultimately only delay the release. ©

 The  Supreme Court with its conservative majority and three judges appointed by Trump had postponed the decision until after the election. In July last year, however, the judges had ruled that a president was not immune to any investigation.

Trump’s eight-year tax documents will not be made public. You are still subject to the confidentiality of the ongoing investigations. Prosecutors are said to have already viewed some of the documents that Trump now officially has to release. However, anonymous sources had already leaked material to the “New York Times”. © The  newspaper was able to evaluate some of the tax returns last September. It turned out that Trump had paid practically no income tax for years and that the tax office was conducting an audit against him. It could cost him around $ 100 million. For their part, the Democrats in the House of Representatives had spent several years trying to gain a better understanding of Trump’s finances and were blocked by several lawsuits.

© The  New York investigations have long gone beyond the hush money affair they began with. Trump’s former attorney Michael Cohen paid or had porn actress Stormy Daniels and former Playboy model Karen MacDougal paid for their silence about sexual relations with Trump. According to American media, District Attorney Vance is now also focusing on Trump Organization bank loans, insurance contracts and real estate deals. For example, investigators investigated the suspicion that Trump may have incorrectly stated the official value of his real estate and other possessions in order to get tax benefits, better insurance conditions or cheaper loans.

Trump sees himself again as a victim of a “witch hunt”

Vance has just hired forensic scientists for his team. In the past few months, investigators have interviewed dozen of witnesses and sent summons. © The  addressees also included employees of Deutsche Bank, Trump’s main lender. ©

 The y also interviewed Michael Cohen, who had himself been convicted of tax offenses, at least four times. Now the Vance team will work its way through more “terabytes of data”, according to the “New York Times”. One lead that prosecutors are following, according to the newspaper, also concerns Trump’s family. It is about the tax depreciation of consultancy fees in the millions. Trump’s daughter Ivanka is said to have received part of the fees.

The facade of the Supreme Court in Washington, taken on on November 4, 2020


 The  facade of the Supreme Court in Washington, taken on on November 4, 2020

Bild: AP

Trump responded to the Supreme Court decision with a written statement in which he once again spoke of “the greatest political witch hunt in our country’s history”. That the investigation is taking place is only because New York is dominated by the Democrats and its “enemy” Governor Andrew Cuomo, said the former president. © The  investigation against him is politically motivated. Prosecutors ran with the promise to fight political opponents and this was, according to Trump, “fascism, not justice”. He is a victim of “political persecution” and will keep fighting to “win” again. His son Donald Trump Jr. seconded with an angry speech that he had recorded on video. On the Internet platform “Rumble” he complained about a “witch hunt” and the “political persecution” of his father. ©

 The  junior dubbed New York a “People’s Republic”.

© The  New York investigation is the most comprehensive to date against Trump and, according to experts, represents the greatest legal threat for him so far. If Prosecutor Vance can collect enough material for an indictment, a lawsuit could be opened. ©

 The re are further preliminary criminal investigations in Georgia. You deal with the allegation of election manipulation because Trump asked Interior Minister Brad Raffensperger after the election to “find” votes for him.

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Double defeat Donald Trump Supreme Court


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